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Aug 28, 2007 07:40 AM

unico premium san marzano tomatoes - where to find in TO?

Previous posts mention that I can find these at Loblaws and No Frills. But the ones in my area do not carry it. Can anyone point me to a specific location? Preferably the west end of Toronto but I can also go to Markham or Richmond Hill.

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  1. I've gotten some recently at Highland Farms. Same price as regular tomatoes but much much better flavour. Not quite as good as some of the true DOP San Marzano such as Strianese or Gigli but pretty darn good.

    1. I've only ever been able to find them at No Frills. They never seem to be at Sobey's, Dominion or Loblaws - which is where you would expect to find them. :)

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        Carlaw and Gerrad No Frills. 97 cents a can.
        Sorry, east end.

      2. Have you tried Longos or Fortino's at Jane and Major Mackenzie?

        1. How much are these Unico ones? I try to pick something good but still within a certain price range...I've seen Le Gourmand selling $1.29 cans of Aurora tomatoes for $5! So generally I don't pick the highly priced products expecting to get the best quality...

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            Widely available at NoFrills and Loblaws around Mississauga/Brampton. They're usually 97 cents/can, same price as the ordinary watery Unicos. No point to buying the pricey imports IMHO. Many NoFrills also sell Cirio double strength tomato paste in tubes for around a buck and change--really handy when you just want a bit.

            1. re: Kagemusha

              Thanks!..I love it when things are good AND cheap!

              1. re: Recyclor

                If you want San Marzano tomatoes then you have to pay for them. I just bought a can today in the Dufferin and Lawrence area at Lady York Grocery, it cost 4 dollars a can. When you have San Marzano though , you can really taste the difference, and if I may make a suggestion when using the tomatoes don't add onion just garlic and lots of basil.

                1. re: chef223

                  Thanks for the tip "chef", I'll have to do another comparison of high end brands and then my usual lower price choices...

                  1. re: chef223

                    With respect, you might try the Unico San Marzanos. We did a blind test earlier this year of raw and cooked in a basic sauce and the imports tied at best--and some lost out--with the Unicos. I couldn't honestly taste a 3 buck difference.

            2. i'm sure i missed it somewhere, but is there a big deal about 'san marzano' tomatoes? we buy really good organic ones, but i've long since ruled out unico, so i'm curious! fill me in! :-)