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Aug 28, 2007 07:19 AM

Looking for lunch in PDX airport or on drive to Seattle

We will be arriving around lunch time Thursday morning. This is husbands first time in the area ( I lived there a while ago) I havent been back for a few years. I would love to just drive into the hawthorne district for quick lunch but we really have to make good time to Seattle first day in. Rehearsal dinner to make in Seattle
Are there any places to grab a decent lunch in the airport or any decent taquerias off 205 or I-5?

Thank you thank you in advance!

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  1. Oh, you can do so much better than the airport. My first thought is La Tarasca in Centralia (see, for example, but depending on when you get out of the airport that might be a little late for lunch. Otherwise one of the taquerias in NE Portland wouldn't be too far out of your way (they aren't any farther off the freeway than La Tarasca, and the service would probably be faster because you order at the counter). I'm thinking that La Bonita at NE 28th and Alberta might work. If you want barbeque, you could try Podnah's at NE 15th and Prescott. Another idea would be DiPrima Dolci on N Killingsworth and Denver ( for Italian panini and pastries (I think they have some pizza and calzone, too).

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        I agree with the above, but.... If travel throughs you a curve, the River Front Cafe in the C concorse has good salad /sandwich fare. BBQ chix salad is great for airport food.