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Feb 13, 2006 05:15 PM

Mysterious Chicken Village on Telegraph

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Anyone actually eaten at the place near Sai-Sai (and Sahn Maru) on Telegraph/44th in Oakland? First it was scheduled to open as a bar. Never opened. Then it was apparently going to be a Jajang noodle place...sign up, lights on, open sign lit, woman taking photos of sign, told me to hurry in for delicious noodles, starting Friday (this was in October)...but never opened. Last week they changed their sign to "Chicken Village." I went up there w/ a friend last week, the open sign was on, the lights were on, there was a lone person sitting at a table, but the front door was locked. What gives? Is it some kind of weird front? Or are they really going to serve up some Korean chicken? The interior is very appealing.

Any inside info would be much appreciated!

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  1. I've been to Sahn Maru once, and thought it was pretty darn good, if the panchan was lacking. There are several Sahn Maru advocates on this board (go back about a year into the archives, painful as that is, or google it).

    Sai-Sai looked overpriced and did not seem as nice as the predecessor.

    No idea about Chicken Village, though. Sorry.

    1. Sorry, haven't been.

      It cracks me up though, b/c a few blocks further up Telegraph (near Alcatraz) there's a newish place called "oriental bbq chicken town". It's like, where does the Village end and where the "Town" begin? Are there terrible chicken turf wars? Gang violence?

      1. I was wwalking on Telegraph near 44th Street in North Oakland/Temescal last Saturday and it looked like Sai-Sai (on the west side of the street) was being remodeled and a new name something like "Sushi Zone" or "Sushi Ecstasy" or something like that. According to an article recently in the East Bay Express on the new Korean noodle house "Luxury" which is nearby, the owner of "Luxury" also owns Ohgane on Broadway near 40th and the Sai-Sai spot.

        1. Ok, I've visited Luxury which was pretty good. Korean bar food. I'm not sure what the deal was, but apparently the original owners of the zhajiangmien place on the Koryo side sold that shop and then opened up the same or somewhat similar zhajiangmien right across the street. The place never opened up cuz of lawsuit or something and they tried to do something else. I'm not sure if this is Luxury or Sai Sai, but something's finally opened across the street near sahn maru. This is just random korean gossip I heard from my gf.

          At Luxury we ordered a soup thing that had ramen noodles, kimchi, spam and corned beef on a portable gas stove. Sorry, dunno what it's called. I've had the same type of thing minus the corned beef at some other korean places. Loved it, but then again I love spam. Also had the spicy octopus dish which I liked too.

          Hunicsz, I'm not sure which chicken place that is, but I also just went to the chicken place that used to be Coco house. Got the spicy fried chicken and a spicy noodle dish there. Liked that too. Dry fried chicken smothered in spicy sauce. The noodle dish has veggies mixed in with the spicy sauce. It's not neng myun, but some other white noodle. Getting really hungry thinking about it now.

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            Thanks for taking hte plunge! I stopped by Luxury last week to take a peek inside and pick up a menu. We'd already eaten. Thought it looked very LA, in a good way, and a change of pace from some of the other Korean restaurants on that strip.

            The place that used to be Koko House is now OB Oriental BBQ Chicken that Hunicz mentioned. That chicken desription is making me hungry too!

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Oh, i just got the name of the noodle dish at OB Oriental BBQ Chicken. It's Jjol Myun. Cold noodle dish like Bibim Neng Myun, but it's like a japanese rice noodle instead of buckwheat. No broth, just spicy sauce.