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Doughnuts in South Florida

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When I was kid in Coral Gables, there was a small doughnut shop called Velvet Creme that was just wonderful...making doughnuts 24 hours a day there was nothing better. Other than Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Doughnuts, does anyone know of a INDEPENDENTLY OWNED doughnut shop in South Florida....I yearn for a real homemade doughnut that does not come from a chain.

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  1. OMG we used to get fundraiser donuts from Velvet Creme. . .it was somewhere in Little Havana. . .and we'd go into this tiny hallway that ended at a window with bars on it, and try to place an order with us speaking only English and the lady speaking only Spanish. . .their cake donuts were awesome though. Are they still there?

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      I just read that the original owners of Velvet Creme are relaunching the brand.


      This place was a big 24 hour hangout for UM students and an active fund raising sponsor too. I hope they get things going and give Dunkin a run for their money!


    2. I'm not sure if it was a Velvet Creme, but there was a doughnut shop on 8 ST and SW 34 Ave, across the street from a funeral home. Now its Moroone Nissan.

      The only independent doughnut shop I know is Sunshine donuts, its in an office building. If you go north on 27 Ave there is an entrance to the hourly parking lot, but there is also a small parking area on the ground floor where you can get 10 min. free.

      I've only been there once, got the glazed doughnut. It was pretty good, but I got it fresh. I don't know what their turnover rate is.

      Sunshine Donuts
      701 SW 27th Ave, Miami, FL 33135

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        yes, the donut shop at 8th st/ SW 34th ave was a velvet creme. see the pic on the site mentioned above. that and fresh glazed at krispy at 163rd street were my faves, not a fan of dunkin.

      2. There are two Dandee Doughnuts in the Fort Lauderdale area that have great doughnuts. The Glazed Buttermilk Cake doughnut is to die for!

        1. The original owners ARE NOT reviving the company --a stranger took over the trademark.
          He has had nothing to do with the original Velvet creme

          1. There's a Dandee Donuts on 28th ave and Hollywood blvd (just east of I-95,) which I always assumed was an independently-owned place judging by the look of it, but the mention by mbferfie suggests otherwise.

            Although I can't give a recommendation yet, I just spotted a place in Plantation on Broward blvd between the Turnpike and University drive, I'll try to swing by and give it a taste this week. The name escapes me at the moment, not very helpful, I know.