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Aug 28, 2007 06:49 AM

Soda in high end restaurant?

Is this frowned on?

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  1. DH and I have been to VERY high end restaurants and he ALWAYS asks for a diet coke. We drink wine but while I start with a cocktail he always starts with a diet coke (doesn't like diet pepsi so that diappoints lol!). If it's high end they just charge more lol!

    1. As a perk or penance of my job, I'm often eating out at high-end restaturants throughout the USA, Europe and Latin America. Personally, I don't enjoy the taste of most alcoholic beverages. I'll have an occassional beer or glass or wine, to be "sociable", but otherwise prefer the Diet Coke. In all of these restaurants over many years, I can never recall getting a strange or scornful look from a waiter. The other diners, now that's another story.

      1. As a big Diet Coke drinker, I have never encountered a high end restaurant (in the US and Canada, at least) that has frowned upon me for ordering a soft drinks. Most are quite cordial and, because they are high end, usually keep my glass full and the ice fresh.

        1. if sparkling water qualifies as soda, then jfood has ordered this around the world for 25+ years. There are times when he sees that "i ain't maxing the tip at this table" look from the waiter several times, but jfood just looks says thank you and starts to read the menu. Mrs jfood starts every dinner with a diet coke and that seems to elicit zero "bad" looks from the server.

          1. Most high end restaurants have a fully stocked bar, which requires sodas. It is only frowned upon when ordering something not offered by the restaurant. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a soft drink with dinner. Especially if you are the DD