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Aug 28, 2007 06:16 AM

local sources for pork fat

Dumpling recipes often call for pork fat to be added to the ground meat. I've never tried this. (People named "david kaplan" tend not to be too familiar with the many wonderful uses of pork fat.) Where would I buy some pork fat? Is this a standard item at markets like 99 Ranch and Manila Oriental? Would Whole Foods or other upscale groceries carry it? Thanks.

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  1. If you buy a whole pork shoulder roast, you'll get a bunch of fat, which with a little work you can separate from the meat.

    1. The Chinese butchers along Stockton St. in SF Chinatown break down whole pigs every morning. Go around 9 or 10am while they're still working on them and you can get any pig part including fat that you desire. If you're looking for freshly rendered lard, try carnicerias or I've also seen it in quart-size containers on top of the meat counter (along with pork cracklings) at Marina Foods in San Mateo.

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        Prather Ranch has it, pretty cheap too. If I remember correctly it was 2.99 a pound in Ferry Building.

      2. You can get fresh casings and pork fat from the nice butchers at Faletti's on Broderick between Fell and Oak. They liked the idea that their customers were making sausage, so they gave us the pork fat for a ridiculously low price, and their fresh casings were reasonable too. We got lamb casings, but I'm sure they also have pork casings.

        1. I noticed packages of slabs of fresh pork fat marked "fat back" at my local Raleys/Nob Hill, priced at 99ยข/lb.

          1. Got some at Golden Gate Meat Co. in the Ferry Building just now. Though it was packaged in 3-lb size, they cut one open and happily sold me a pound for around $3. Falletti's was out of pork fat last night, but the rest of their butcher counter was pretty impressive. And so much free parking!