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Aug 28, 2007 05:59 AM

Epicure Market help needed.......

Want to send dinner to a grieving friend and her family. Its now a week since her loved one passed and visitors all have left now so its just her family of 3 and maybe her sister-in-law and her husband who live close by also. So looking at dinner for about 5 or 6.

Thinking of have Epicure prepare a tray of lasagna for me to bring along with some salad and garlic bread. Question is....Don't think I have ever had their lasagna, have you??? I've had about everything else there and am a huge fan of theirs. Shop and buy their prepared foods reguarly but guess since lasagna is one of the things I can make pretty good myself must have overlooked buying it. Sooooo, do I get the vegetable or meat lasagna (which one is better) and how is their garlic bread??? Anyting else I should include and what for dessert???? (Would definately have included a bottle of wine but not so sure now since her 20 something yr old son is on meds and not suppose to have alcohol and this has been a big problem) Also, any other suggestions you might have would be greatly aprreciated. Thanks a lot!

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      Thanks Ztop for the reply. I've never been to Carrabbas but their take-out menu looks great however; found out that my friends husband doen't eat any red meat so I wound up sticking with Epicure Market and ordering the vegetable lasagna. Ordered the chicken ceasar salad and will pick up some of their garlic bread and some dessert there tomorrow too. Hopefully, it will all be good. Anyway, thanks again for your recommendation and I will definately hold on to their menu for another time.

    2. I don't LOVE the Epicure lasagna but mine is fabulous and I'm Italian so that might be it. It is fine, though. Do the meat one for sure. For dessert, why not a tart or maybe better an array of the cookies? And maybe a little salami and some cheese and crackers or antipasto veggies to start?


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        WOW....Now I'm worried! Just placed my order for the veg. lasagna.(Her husband doesn't eat meat) Wish I could have commissioned you instead. Thanks for the dessert and appetizer suggestions...hope they'll make up for the entree.

        1. re: chocolate

          Epicure Market comes thru again! My friend and her family really seemed to enjoy and appreciate everything I sent. I went with the vegatable lasagna, chicken ceasar and fruit tart. They said the marinara sauce (Epicures own) was especially good and they loved their garlic bread. Only thing was I think they were a little surprized when I showed up with such a huge ceasar salad. It served 10. Didn't realize when I ordered that there was a minimum on the salad. Oh well...I threw in an extra baguette and hopefully they were able to make some chicken sandwiches the next day too.