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Aug 28, 2007 05:06 AM

Caterer recommendation in Charleston, SC

Hi, we are planning a sit down dinner for 50 and need to find a good caterer. We desire great seafood for this dinner. Is anyone familiar with Providence Catering of Charleston, Winship and/or Savory Market? I can't seem to find reviews on the web.

Thank you!

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  1. Duvall, Square Onion, Cru. These are the only catering companies I know I have had food from. They all did excellent jobs but I don't recall seafood (aside from crab cakes and boiled shrimp) being at any of the events. I'm sure that Cru could do a good job with seafood though.

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      Yes, I have only heard wonderful things about Cru. They are at the top of my list, but I was considering giving some of the newbies a shot. Pricing is pretty much the same for all, so it's the other things that I am considering. Thanks!!

    2. I plan events so here's my take:

      I've worked with:
      Charleston Bay Gourmet - known for Lowcountry fare, they do an excellent job and are quite reasonable

      Granville's - Planned a recent cocktail party with them, very well done

      Good Food Catering - Used twice and have found them to be professional yet exorbitant, $6 a head for peach cobbler anyone? These are the only ones I've used for a seated dinner and they forgot to set bread plates.

      Hamby's - Old standby, too many other good ones to choose from IMO

      I haven't worked with:
      Savory Market - Did a friend's wedding, excellent presentation

      Cru Cafe - Heard wonderful things, restaurant is fantastic

      I've never heard of Winship or Providence.

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        I used Charleston Bay Gourmet for my wedding rehearsal dinner a few years ago. We had BBQ, chicken, and sides, and they did a great job for a reasonable price. While interviewing caterers, we also tried Tidewater Catering/Black Jack BBQ. They were more expensive but had really good food. The folks at both places are really friendly. Though we were looking for a 'cue caterer, I believe both places also do seafood.