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Aug 28, 2007 04:28 AM

Birthday brunch with baby - Philly

My birthday is coming up and I want to go out for brunch somewhere in the Philly on a Sunday morning. We have a four-month old well-behaved baby who will accompany us, so that means Lacroix and other very nice places are out. Do you have suggestions for a yummy brunch where the baby could join us? I've already been to the following popular places and am looking for something new:

Sabrina's (and Sabrina's 2)
Morning Glory
Carman's Country Kitchen
A Full Plate Cafe
Cafe Apamate

We live in Center City, so it's pretty easy for us to get just about anywhere. Thanks!!

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  1. I'd suggest Ten Stone, Sidecar and Ants Pants, all slightly South of the Rittenhouse area. Thank you.

    1. I think any of those places would welcome a child, but I would take Marathon off your list because it does not compare.

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        The list was of places the OP has been to, not a list of possible candidates. You're right, though :)

      2. Beau Monde has a nice brunch - both crepe and non-crepe offerings, and a decent bloody mary if you are into that sort of thing...

        1. I really have enjoyed Fitzwater Cafe (and been with babies)

          I've heard good things about Rembrandts- just haven't tried it yet.

          1. I've actually gone to brunch at Lacroix with a well-behaved 4-month old. It's actually much more welcomed than bringing a child that walk & runs. And if you have enough people (8+), Lacroix has a large farm table in a room next to the kitchen that works really well if you bring the baby.

            You could also try London Grill in the Art Musem and their make your own bloody mary bar.

            And the Manayunk brewery has a nice jazz brunch.