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Aug 27, 2007 11:03 PM

Private Dining Near Moscone

Hello - new to Chowhound. Was hoping for some suggestions for some great private dining options within close walking distance of Moscone. Not particular about food genre - just need a private more quiet space for meetings.


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  1. Hi tea girl and welcome to Chowhound!

    How many people will be in your party and just how much privacy will you need? A completely private room or just a private area?

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      Thank you!
      I'm anticipating anywhere from 50-75. And it needs to be a private room. I'm out of state and would appreciate any suggestions!

      1. re: tea_girl

        You might look at this site. It breaks it down pretty well.

        1. re: tea_girl

          You are almost looking at a buy-out, depending on the size of the restaurant.

          My absolute favorite restaurant in the area is Ame ($$$) and they can do a private lunch for up to 80:

          I am a little leery to recommend it as I have not eaten there under the current chef and it has been wildly erratic with various chef changes, but Annabelle's is a frequent choice for buy-outs with groups attending conferences at Moscone and can be very decent:

          Because they are w/o an executive chef right now, I am willing to bet you could get Fifth Floor at a decent rate (bargain with them!) and the food will be at least good (maybe not great) and the room very upscale:

          But I am very partial to Jeff's suggestion of Two. But with that many, it sounds like a buy-out as well (not familiar with their private rooms):

          Lulu is a very CA restaurant that might be a good choice for out-of-towners as a representation of the SF dining scene:

          Good luck and whatever you do, stay away from Jillian's!

      2. We recently had a group of about 40 at Two, which is right near Moscone. We had a wonderful evening.

        They have space, I believe, to accomodate your group.

        1. Thanks to all for your responses! It has been super helpful. Since I'm located in the Northwest - it's difficult to guage distances. I have dined at Two before and thought their food was fine. Their pricing is really reasonable for luncheons too. Thanks again!!