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Aug 27, 2007 10:45 PM

Toast is toast

Toast - $100 per person. Portions absolutly tiny. Service? - We arrived at 8 p.m. and one full hour later we hadn't been offered anything other than wine.
Noticing many well dressed, but subdued and glum faced Americans at other tables I suspected this place wasn't delivering, so at 9 o'clock I asked for bread. It was delivered. Four razor thin slices of good baguette, for four people. No olive oil offered, only butter. At 9:30 I asked when our appetizers might arrive and was told in a patronizing way "well you know what chefs can be like"
Yeah. Incompetent.
About half an hour later, an "amuse" arrived - one square centimetre of pig pate, for a table of four that does not eat pig. The server expected us to be "wowed" by some special nature of this square centimetere of pig pate, and it could have been the language barrier but we didn't get it, and we were just hungry and wanted be fed the meals we had ordered what seemed like days ago.
Normally, confronted by a chaotic kitchen and uncaring wait staff I would cancel my order and walk out but I was hosting a special dinner for a cancer survivor who had driven all day from Boston.
Eventually, (10:30 p.m.) the first course arrives. We need an electron microscope to find the food, lost as it in on the vast white plates. But we're starving, and it's Quebec City lower town, Saturday Night, no possibility of a plan "B".

Sometime the next day the second course arrives.... but by then we were so tired and hungry and bored of the constant waiter "attitude" we just ate and got out... $450 later and hungry.
Toast is toast in my book. Overpriced, over hyped, and I can't remember anything about the food that would make me tell you to go there.

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  1. Toast! was an incredible culinary experience for me. Of course, when I go on vacation, I go to eat well, not to eat alot. I want to be wowed. I was "wowed" by Toast. I am not going to dispute your complaints. Sitting there waiting, the night seemed to go on forever, but in between the waiting, the food was explosive in my mouth. Superb. And it made it worth the wait for me. It was like being teased. "Here, here's just a sample." POW! Fireworks in my mouth. Do not go to Toast if you've been sightseeing all day, are famished and expecting to fill up. If you want a once in a lifetime experience of flavors, you will appreciate it more.

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    1. re: DesertChildAZ

      Waiting 2.5 hours for the first course is outrageous and entirely unacceptable, no matter how great the food is. There is not a Michelin rated restaurant in the world that would keep a patron waiting like that. Combined with bad service, this would put this resto very low on my "must visit" list.

      1. re: foodismyfriend

        Too bad, because you'd be missing out on a wonderful meal. I'm guessing (although I could be wrong) that it was a terribly off night at Toast - there were likely problems in the kitchen, perhaps they were overbooked (end of summer, lots of tourists...) - none of which are valid excuses for poor service, but it does happen. It's the only negative thing I've read about Toast!, which leads me to believe it's an atypical occurrence, and certainly not indicative of the service and meal I had there last year (both of which were exceptional).

    2. Sept 28, 2008 - Arrived at Toast at 8pm. Was served by a very polite waiter. Had our wine, and bread in an orderly fashion. Had the delicious foie gras, fabulous appetizer (oversized portion?!), to die for main course (again huge portion), and awesome hint of mint creme brulee (twice the size I receive in Toronto). Dinner for two with taxes and tip - $160.00 CDN. Everyone around us appeared to be oohing and aahing at the portions, wonderful flavors, and creativity. I highly recommend the "new" Toast. We finished dining at 10pm and had the rest of the night to go out clubbing.

      W4W Toronto