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Feb 13, 2006 01:36 PM

Weekend Report III: San Bruno Thai Temple & House

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Decided to finally make my way down to the San Bruno Thai Temple yesterday morning. Got there around 11am and found a parking spot in their parking lot.

Overall it was a fun experience, but I was not really blown away by any of the food I ate. The three of us ate many dishs (Pork Riblets, Papaya salad, Pork Larb, Roti, Fried chicken), and all were tasty, but nothing was super amazing. I'm really missing Sripraphai, my favorite Thai restaurant back in Queens, NY. They have the hugest menu and just really outstanding authentic thai cuisine. My favorite dish back east is their Chili-Basil Pork Leg. It's like thai style pulled pork in a chili-basil sauce. Thai House Express has a similiar dish, but it's not chili basil.

Later that night we decided to give House a try for some asian fusion. I was able to get a last minute reservation for 4 for 8:30pm. As some of you may know, I'd been wondering whether to take my visiting friend to either House or the Slanted Door. Well, I figured why not hit up both? We still have a Slanted Door rez for later this week.

I started off with the fried salmon roll appy. I'm not a big cooked salmon fan, but luckily the salmon was cooked medium with some rareness to it. The hot mustard dipping sauce worked nicely with the salmon. This was good, but not insanely good....

The Roasted Unagi (eel) with Avocado Sushi Rice which my friend ordered, however, was insanely good. I love eel. I probably would have ordered this for myself, but the salmon roll came highly recommend from some of you folks, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Anyway, I knew I'd get to taste my friend's unagi. Although it was listed under small plates, the unagi serving was rather generous. A large filet (6"-8" long & 2"-3" wide) filet of unagi laid over sushi rice which had been mixed with avocado to form a velvety almost risotto like accompaniment. The unagi was tender and I did not detect any small bones in the tastes that I sampled. I would definitely go back for this dish. And now I'm even more intrigued to tastey their unagi and avocado sammy.

For my main course 2 of us ordered the black miso cod special. It was served with a delicious crab & avocado roll on top. The cod was quite flaky & moist. This is actually the first rendition of this dish which I've ever had. I know that it's become quite popular ever since Morimoto debuted it at Nobu years ago. My friend thought that the fish was a bit on the limp side, compared to other versions he had eaten. Nonetheless, I thought that it was excellently flavored and delicious.

My gf ordered the pomegranate & currant glazed pork chop. The pork chop was perfectly cooked with a nice amount of pinkness to it. The pomegranate & currant glaze was quite sweet, but a delicious fuity sauce. We both agreed it was great, but could benefit from a bit of heat to contrast with the sweetness. Not sure if they'd be willing to spice it up a bit if asked to.

Too full from eating all day, so no dessert was had. I'd definitely like to get back to House soon to check out some of there other offerings.

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  1. Nice post, thanks for reporting back!

    Do you think you got the farang treatment at the Thai temple for your papaya salad? The food there is a very true rendition of Northern Thai/Issan street cooking. No kanam krok or anything from the dessert table?

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      everyone was nice, but might have gotten farang treatment. when she asked me how spicy i said thai spicy. but i didn't find it spicy at all.

      the papaya salad i've had at Out the Door in the ferry building kicked this papaya's salad's butt. and the pork larb at Thai House Express is also better than the one i had at the temple. Thai House Express is not afraid to pump up the heat.

      we did order some desserts, but were too full to eat them. they're still in my fridge. i tried to see if they had any mango sticky rice, but it didn't seem so. i picked up one dessert which is like a big chunk/slice of custard that looks promising. there was one dessert that we did try which was tiny and wrapped in banana leaf. it was white with some sort of coconut filling. ate a bite and found it really weird and revolting.

      did pick up some sort of sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf which they lady says has pork and other stuff in it. didn't eat it yet, but a man next to me was enjoying. i asked him what it was and he said 'tamale', which is does kinda resemble. a thai tamale...

      i'd like to check out the berkely thai temple. even though it's run by restaurants...

      1. re: brian j

        Where is the Thai temple in San Bruno and what are the hours on Sunday?I often go to the one in Berkeley which is terrific .