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Aug 27, 2007 08:28 PM

Foodie Fun October 20th 2007

I'm planning a girls night out/stagette for a real foodie who'd love to spend her last night of freedom eating and drinking with 30 of her closest friends. Instead of just dinner out I wanted to do something a little different for her. The date is October 20th 2007 and I'm looking for a food show, a wine show, a food event, a tour ...something like that. Any ideas? Is there anything 'foodie' going on in the city that night that I'm not aware of?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Do a "food" crawl... stop at 5 or 6 restaurants along one strip and have 1 course in each.. Say start and King and Jarvis have one dish at Kultura (with a wine pairings), Bymark, Lee, Thuet, Blowfish, Maro to top the night off with dancing...

        To do it you will probably have to pay in advance an have it arranged at each place... Pick the restaurants that fit your budget and are willing to work with you.. On King you may be able to rent a street car for the event! you could also do the same on College or the Danforth.. or on a smaller scale in the Distillary...

        1. Perhaps you could arrange a private event where you either have someone cook for you or share in preparing a meal? You could proabably arrange for a sommelier to help out as well.

          A company like Dish (where a friend took cooking lessons and liked the experience) might be able to help you customize a night where you could all participate in putting together a meal that reflected your friend's personal favourites or something she's been wanting to explore:

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            Another place that does this is the Chef Upstairs.

            Another plan would be to a wine country tour. Crush on Niagara is a company that organizes them, will pick you up, drive you around, etc. We saw a few bridal parties when we were on our tour last weekend.


            The Chef Upstairs
            516 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S, CA

          2. we had la fromagerie do a cheese tasting with wine pairings at our house, which was awesome fun, and really very filling, so you could start with that at someone's house, and proceed on the foodie signature tour noted above, which sounds like tons of fun! just requires a bunch of advance planning so that the venues can accommodate.
            depending on how many people, and your budget, you can also rent a street car for the evening to ferry people around. look into it, i can't remember how much it cost when we did it a number of years ago, but it was less than i thought, and hillarious fun.