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Aug 27, 2007 08:27 PM

Muir treehugger in search of good eats

Moved to the Bay Area 5 years ago and have never yet seen a Redwood tree. Planning on rectifying this tragedy by going to Muir Woods to hug Redwood trees. Will most likely work up a HUGE appetite... so... what's good in and around Muir Woods? Diners, hole-in-the-wall, local spots are MOST welcome! Thanks for all suggestion(s)...

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  1. How about a picnic? Last time we brought banh mi and lemonade and sat under the big trees in Richardson State Park.

    If you go Sunday, you could stop in for vegetarian lunch at the Green Gulch Zen Center, just off 1 above Muir Beach. Or just take a walk through their incredible garden. Otherwise the Pelican Inn's right there.

    There are redwoods all over the Bay Area, including a charming grove in the botanical garden in Golden Gate Park, Butano state park, and my favorite, Big Basin. Muir Woods is spectacular, but it will be the most crowded option.

    1. Nothing in the park itself. Mill Valley's the nearest town with good options:

      1. i assume you're driving. get there very, very early. parking is difficult at best. you want to leave when the tour buses begin to arrive. windy's picnic idea is a good one. lots of places to kick back just a little north.

        of course you could always leave muir woods, head north on 1 and enjoy a killer breakfast or lunch at the pine cone diner in pt. reyes station. the drive can be, well, exhilarating in the fog but worth it. give it a shot.

        1. I think your best bet is to grab some chow on the drive back. If you're headed to the East Bay, Picco Pizza is a very short detour off the highway in Larkspur.

          1. Pelican Inn in Muir Beach