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Aug 27, 2007 08:14 PM

Romantic weekend. A splurge for a pair of college students

Ok. Many questions?
1. It's my boyfriends first time in NYC. What are the must sees? We come in Sat. Doing a 8:00 show. But Sunday after brunch we have no idea what to do except bar hop. Please help.
2. What are some romantic restaurants that are some what reasonable? Meaning I like an entree to be around $26. Probably no more.
3. What are some great bars around the flatiron district?
4. We are really into Irish Pubs and just any place where we can chill and listen to music. Not really in the club scene. Anyone have any suggestions?
5. Going along with #4 what are some great places to get a drink? We want cool NYC. Not stuffy NYC.
Thanks so much I think that is all I have for now.
Nevermind. Last question
6. If you're coming from JFK what's the best way to get to Manhattan?

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  1. stuff to see: the east river, harlem river, hudson river. take the three-hour circle line tour. pack a picnic basket and include your own wine. also, check out grand central terminal, the bus and subway systems. metrocard is your friend. tour books will take care of everything else.

    "romantic restaurant" is a tough call. romance seldom springs from a restaurant. still, there are some cool places to eat that don't cost an arm and a leg. consider gramercy tavern (tavern side). you'll hit your price point, enjoy some seriously good food and eat in a room that has more character than most. reservations not accepted for the tavern side. just walk in. anytime.

    bars in the flatiron/irish pubs/getting a drink. molly's pub. one of my many home-away-from-home places. burger is superior. so is the guinness.

    you can always take the train from jfk to penn station. cheap, cheap, cheap. you'll have to transfer in queens. here's a link describing the process:

    never forget, metrocard is your friend.

    hope this helps.

    1. There's some romantic and reasonable places in the West Village. The garden area at the restauarant Home on Cordelia Street is lovely for dinner or lunch. Also, Tartine is great for dinner and you can bring your own bottle of wine. There may be a wait though. Downtown near there is also the famous Magnolia Bakery cupcakes. You could take a stroll through Washington Square Park and hear local musicians playing during the day. Walk through Central Park during the day and grab a drink at the bar area by the boat house. As for bars at night, I think the place Fiddlesticks gets a college age crowd and it is more of a pub atmosphere at 56 Greenwich Ave
      New York, NY 10011 Or for some live music, you might want to check online what's going on at the Knitting Factory. Also check out online for live music: Bitter End, Blue Smoke, Baggot Inn and Mercury Lounge. Good luck! a few last things : just walking around central park can be so fun. you could alos hit up a museum like the Guggenheim or the MOMA (may have a long wait).

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        For really good Italian in a fun, non-stuffy place, try Crispo. The price is right too!

      2. Entrees around $26 aren't very hard to find. I like the back garden of Barbone, where you can eat a two to three course meal for around $30 bucks (maybe even $30 with a pasta and appetizer and wine). The service is variable though. The tavern room at grammercy tavern is a nice atmosphere and the food is pretty good. Its got character but it's more tavernous than romantic.

        Another good place that might be on the higher end of your price range (entrees 22-30) is Le Gigot, which is in Greenwich Village. the place is a small romantic traditional bistro with very good food and its a nice location.

        I also find Ivo and Lulu kind of romantic, but its very small and cramped and also doesnt take reservations. On the plus side, the food is good and more than reasonable (probably one of the best deals in manhattan). The BYOB factor tends to make restaurants more romantic for me since I am on a budget. Instead of paying for some $40 bottle of wine, you can just bring your own good $14 bottle and not feel guilty for spending some crazy amount on marked up wine bottle that probably isnt that great.

        1. 2. For romantic, I love August.
          3. The Flatiron Lounge

          1. Don't miss McSorley's. If you can swing it and it's a clear night, go to the top of the Empire State Building. It's very touristy but beautiful. South Street Seaport is fun.