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Feb 13, 2006 01:13 PM

Weekend Report II: Bakesale Bettys

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On Saturday afternoon I needed to go to Ikea again, so figured it would be a great chance to finally get over to Bakesale Betty's to try her fried chicken sandwich. Got there midday and it was busy, but not totally packed.

Immediately noticed the fried chicken breasts laying neatly in a pile behind the glass. They looked absolutely lovely. I ordered one sandwich to split with my gf. Served on an always soft ACME torpedo roll (which is one of my fav sandwich rolls these days, btw), with a healthy portion of olive oil (or maybe canola) based cole slaw. The chicken breast was thinly cut with an ultra crispy crust, and seasoned with some black pepper and probably some cayenne or something giving it a bit of a kick. The ACME bread was perfectly soft and pillowly and although it seems like a rather large roll, it offers a wonderful yet yielding support to the star of the show.

There was a bit too much cole slaw on the sandwich as I started, but it begins to fall off as you eat it. It compliments the chicken nicely, but does not overpower it. Normally I require mayo on my fried chicken sammies, but didn't even think of mayo until I had pretty much finished. This chicken did not need mayo. It's that freakin good! And I asked for a fork once we were done so that I could scoop up all the extra cole slaw.

As I sat in awe of the most delicious fried chicken sandwich I can remember eating anywhere in my lifetime, it seemed like a pretty simple decision to order another round. My gf was tempted by the luscious looking brisket sandwich with fresh grated horseradish which Betty was also serving up, but I remained steadfast in my decision. I'm an avid fan of fried chicken sammies, and it's hard to find a really really good one. This one fit the bill and I just had to have more.

The 2nd sandwich was even better than the first. Betty put even more chicken on this one, and it was absolute heaven on bread. Needless to say, I'll be back there whenever I can. The nice girl behind the counter also mentioned that sometimes they'll do a ancho rubbed pork shoulder sammy. Wow. I can only imagine how good that'll be...

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  1. m
    Morton the Mousse

    That's it! I've put off going to BBs for long enough. If folks are travelling across the bridge to try this chicken sandwich, I have no excuse for not driving down from Berkeley. This weekend will be fried chicken weekend!

    Question: it sounds like the breasts are fried ahead of time. Is it a hot sandwich or a cold sanwich?

    Thanks for the great reports, Brian. Keep 'em coming!

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    1. re: Morton the Mousse

      i would travel much farther for this sandwich if i had to. the chicken breasts were all prepared ahead of time, but were not necessarily cold. more room temp. and i think i might have seen some fresh ones coming out on a tray to replentish.

      btw, we only ate 1/2 of our 2nd sandwich. it sat in the car while we were at Ikea, and we didn't get home probably til 6 or 7 hours after we got it. at which time we proceeded (mostly me) to finish the leftover sammy. and it was still freaking delicious after sitting out all day. it's good that it doesn't include mayo.

      1. re: brian j

        I have two sandwiches(one chicken, one brisket) on hold for when i get off work. Bakesale Betty does no wrong! The beef and chicken pot pies are great.

        1. re: Matt C

          I knew there was something on my last visit that wowed me besides the lamington.

          Brought home the much lauded egg salad and chicken sandwiches and while good, they didn't rock my world. That chicken sandwich does keep well overnight without getting soggy.

          However that chicken pot pie is the best I've had in the Bay area. It put Liberty Cafe to major shame.

          Perfect flakey crust stuffed with tasty carrots, veggies and chicken, only enough soup to fill in the spaces between the ingrediants. So, so good. Yeah, bring some of those home too.

          1. re: rworange

            is bakesale betty near sketch ice cream or mischer's chocolates or another place that's choundworth like pizzaolao, etc.? thanks.

            1. re: kevin

              Yep, it's a few doors down from the corner of Telegraph and 51st St. in Oakland.

              1. re: Ace

                last question, doe bart run from the berkeley stop to wehre bakesale betty and pizzaola are located?

                1. re: kevin

                  hello, the closest Bart station is MacArthur at 40th, 1/2 block west of Telegraph, approximately 10 blocks walking, flatlands straight down Telegraph, or transfer to the bus, or just take the bus (1/2 block walk from stop).

                  1. re: kevin

                    Which Berkeley stop? Depending on where you are it might be easier to take the bus (the 40, in all it's variations) than BART.

                    1. re: kevin
                      Morton the Mousse

                      Taking public transit, the easiest way to get there is by bus. Both the 40 and the 43 stop about a half block away. The 43 also stops in Downtown Berkeley, right next to BART.


          2. re: Morton the Mousse

            Morton, whatever you do, get the lamington.

            In fact, call ahead and reserve a couple of lamingtons.

            I think it is one of the best desserts in the Bay Area and the best dessert at Bakesale Betty's. Even the people who are put off by some of the sweetness in the baked goods at Bakesale Betty's will love this elegant dessert.

            The link below has a picture and history (Betty's are more rectangular). It says "The word lamington means layers of beaten gold."

            Yeah ... gold ... that's it. Two of the lightest pieces of sponge cake, with a layer of thin raspberry jam and the thinnest chocolate coating covered with coconut. Yowza! ... and that's not just the diet speaking.


          3. I was in there this weekend for my fix- a lemon raisin scone. So darn good. Anyway, Betty says soon she will have salads and fruit pies...she's gearing up for summer.

            It's a funny thing, I love her ginger cookies and scones with a passion, but I wasn't overly impressed by the fried chicken sandwich (I'm partial to her grilled cheese and tomato sandwich, though).

            However, anything that brings business in there makes me happy....I love having her in the neighborhood.

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            1. re: Ace

              I am not a huge scone fan in general. However, I needed a quick dessert for a meal I was making. I bought a couple of her scones. Popped them in the oven just to get them warm and a little crisp. Split them in half, and piled in some fresh made whipped cream and some fresh berries and them added the top back on. Those scones make a nice sub for shortcake.

              1. re: Scott M

                She makes the best shortcakes around. First thing I ever bought from her back in her Farmer's market days. Shortcakes and the apricot/almond scones. That was long before the chicken sammie.

                However, I've stopped in for one of those and they ROCK!!! And, the lamikins are also outstanding.

                1. re: Monty

                  I'm with you, Monty. I haven't seen the shortcakes in there too often, but they are one of the best things I've ever put in my mouth.

                  1. re: Monty

                    I went in kinda late in the day and they were low on everything. They really only had the apricot scones left. They worked out great! Will have to keep an eye out for the shortcake.