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Aug 27, 2007 08:08 PM

Take-out Chinese in San Gabriel Valley

I love the Chinese food options in and around the San Gabriel Valley but my kids are just too crazy to take to restaurants under normal circumstances. So, I'm wondering if there are any stand-out places that have great (and easy/accessible) take-out?

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  1. The answer is Yes.

    But it would help if you could specify what type of food you are looking for. Noodles? Dumplings? Seafood? BBQ? Cantonese? Mandarin? Shanghai? HK-cafe pub food? Taiwanese?

    Also, are you asking for lunch or dinner, or both?

    Most places, esp. for lunch, will gladly accommodate take-out orders and will take them in advance via telephone for pickup later.

    1. I'm curious: just how "crazy" are your kids? If they are just simply loud, it's usually OK because Chinese restaurants tend to be pretty loud family affairs anyway, especially the Cantonese ones. If they run around, that's a different story.

      Beside that, just about every Chinese restaurant will do takeout. As ipsedixit pointed out, it would be helpful to know what type of Chinese food you are looking for.

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          Thanks, the basic advice that most places will do takeout is helpful. I have lots of favorite places in San Gabriel and Temple City already, so I'll just try them. I've never eaten a regional style of Chinese food that I didn't love, which is why I didn't specify one type!

          My kids are pretty crazy, with some running around, but you're right - they would be fine in most places, especially dim sum. But it isn't always worth the energy required, so takeout becomes an attractive alternative. Thanks!

      1. My 2 favorite stand-bys are the hot food counter at the Ranch 99 on Valley/Del Mar, and the take-out section of Capital Seafood at the corner of Garvey and Atlantic.
        The Ranch 99 grocery store has a pretty good version of eggplant. I've tried making this at home and failed miserably, but they do it well. You can also get the standard kung pao chicken, orange chicken, etc and even if you gave me $3 I couldn't make this stuff!! (They only charge $3 - $4.)

        At Capital Seafood's take-out store, they have some pretty amazing spring rolls. They are not fried, and kind of resemble the spring rolls you get at Vietnamese restaurants - shrimp, noodles, basil wrapped in rice paper. I don't really care for the container of sauce that it comes with tho.... you might prefer your own favorite sauce. Also, the shrimp dumplings are good there. Anything else that catches your eye I'm assuming is pretty decent, given the high quality of other stuff.

        If you do live in Altadena, one option you might want to try is the Go Chiina on Lake, near the Ralphs on Lake and Walnut. I think most people have said good things about that place, but I haven't been for a very long time.

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          I was wondering about that G China Place on Lake. Does anyone have any rants or raves about it??