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Aug 27, 2007 08:04 PM

Good shwarma in Edmonton?

Looking for the best shwarma in Edmonton -- coming from Calgary with Falafel King and Shwarma Station -- have been disappointed with Lashish (based on a previous post) and Moon=something- Cafe ( on Jasper). Any further recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. That's a very good question to which I have no answer. I've recently tried a chicken shwarma at "Pita the Great" restaurant, on 34th avenue, but I didn't find it as tasty as the one I've had in Ottawa.

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      Ohhhh do I have a great pick for you! La Shish is as good as it gets for shwarma in Edmonton. I was sad when they moved from their former more central location but you can find them on Jasper Ave and 118th St, on the north side of Jasper facing 118th. They have lots of other offerings, such as Fatoosh salad, tabouleh and dolmades. Good luck!

      1. re: eastcoastgirl_westcoastlife

        Have to agree with you eastcoastgirl on the recommendation of La Shish but looking at the original post that began this string, it appears that Dr. J. was not impressed.

        Any other spots you might recommend?

        I had heard of La Shish but could not locate it until a few weeks ago I was sitting down sipping a glass of wine waiting for my pizzas at Famoso across the street and I spied it.

        I stopped in the following day and ordered a number of dishes to go and then wandered around the corner to have a drink while waiting at Suede Lounge which is another place I have heard a lot about and have driven by daily without stopping.

        Its menu looked very interesting but not living in "condo city" downtown I doubt that I will go very often.

        I get a kick out of the grumpy owner of La Shish who reminds me of the Seinfeld "Soup Nazi" although the younger staff members are fine.....mind you I think my breathe can cut through steel given all of the garlic he uses....

        1. re: Bob Mac

          Thanks, we'll give La Shish another try...

          Also, how was Famoso? We've seen it, but never been in. Decent Naples-style pizza?

          1. re: Dr. J

            Dr. J.:

            I quite like Famoso. Their ingredients are good. I like the thin crust which fills but at the same time one does feel like you have eaten a loaf of bread. I expect it is authentic in style but I do not think I have previously eaten an authentic neapolitan pizza. For example I have not tried Pulcinella [sp?] in Calgary.

            Their counter staff are friendly and have added a chianti to their wine by the glass offerings.

            I usually order take out and as a result the pizza suffers from the trip to the "burbs" even though it can be rewarmed and made crisper with a short stay in the oven. Better eaten at the restaurant itself.

            1. re: Bob Mac


              it's on our list to try.

              we've eaten at pulcinella on several occassions in Calgary, and while the chowhound reviews are mixed, I quite like it. It's hard to get a decent thin crust pizza.

              1. re: Bob Mac

                Off the OP topic, but hey if we are talking thin-crust Pizza, there is a great new place in Kelowna BC, if anyone is coming out here. It is called Bordello's and it above the famous Sturgeon Hall Pub on Water Street 1/2 block north of Bernard.

                Great thin crust pizzas, the real buffalo mozzarella one is delish, a great antipasti platter and Maple Mascarpone Cheesecake.

      2. la Shish is scrumptious and I agree with the comment about the grumpy owner ;-)
        La Famoso is also my favorite place for pizza. Amazing thin crust!

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          OK, this post is very late but I had the same question when I moved to Edmonton years ago. La Shish has been disappointing. Pita the great is maybe a bit better?? So far the best Shwarma in my opinion is Sunbake Pita. They have other awesome food, too (the chicken pockets - I htink they are called Fatayers!!).

          Sunbake Pita Bakery
          10728 134 Avenue NW,
          Edmonton, AB T5E 1J8

          Telephone: 780-472-8405
          E-mail: info@sun-bake.comSun Bake

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            .- Try Home Style Donair & Subs on 34th STREET and 43rd ave. It's one of the best in Edmonton...

            1. re: jpjp

              pita the great isnt there anymore it's another donair place i think

          2. I've never been to La Shish and it looks like that I won't ever go there based on this news article:


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            1. re: Tuppence

              Wow. Thanks for posting, Tuppence. I don't think I'll be trying La Shish either - I will wait until I know for sure the owner has made the required changes. I'll keep looking for good shwarma.

              1. re: MrsCris

                I'm not discounting the 8 cases of illness traced back to La Shish, but I absolutely hate this stupid law that donair and shawarma has to be cooked on a grill before you eat it. Sure, sometimes it might be necessary, but having a blanket law that says any donair/shawarma meat that comes off the cone has to then be cooked - which in most cases serves no purpose than just drying it out - is idiotic. And there is nothing in that article that says any of the illnesses were traced back to the meat - could have been lettuce, etc...not saying that is a good thing, but the guy is just cooking his food in the traditional way that makes it good.

                1. re: Dan G

                  Well, as you stepped up Dan G...I agree about the 'blanket law'. Having eaten a huge amount of cone meat in my life, I agree that the majority of time it just takes moisture out of the meat and away from the deliciousness. Foolish.

                  1. re: Dan G

                    To me this is a gross government infringement on the operations of the restaurant. Obviously basic hygiene rules must be followed but here it looks like they are actually requiring a very specific method of cooking....

                    The goal is to ensure fully cooked product, and it should be up to the restaurant to accomplish that by boiling, frying, baking, grilling, or slicing off a rotating spit as they see fit.

                    1. re: egon61

                      Isn't this why most places will have at least 2 spits going - so that once they shave off meat from one spit it has some time to rotate and cook and the next customer is served from the 2nd spit?

              2. I haven't been, but someone told me about Dahlia's Mediteranean Bistro on 124th street. They are connected to the family that runs Boustan restaurant in Montreal. Unfortunately, itheir hours are limited to the day and not the evenings, so it's hard for me to get there. Can anyone report?

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                1. re: Libertycafe

                  Never heard of it Libertycafe, nor Boustan. Can you tell us/me more?

                  Where on 124th? Have to confess living out in the suburbs I do not come back downtown too often to eat.

                  1. re: Bob Mac

                    Dahlia's Mediterranean Bistro's address is 10235 - 124th street. I googled and found their website: - it has a catering menu on it. I was told that the place opened recently around June or so and offers Lebanese food.

                    Also told that the owner is from the family that operates Boustan, which is a Montreal Lebanese restaurant popular with students and late night take-outs. That's all I know for now.

                    1. re: Libertycafe

                      what about the happy camel in callingwood? do they do shwaarma? I sure like their pita and dips.

                      1. re: Libertycafe

                        FYI - I e-mailed them to ask their hours and got a bounce back, so anyone going may want to call first.

                        1. re: Libertycafe

                          the best shawarma in Edmonton is at Sunbake Pita Bakery on 10728 134ave
                          Edmonton, The bakery offers extensive good Middle Eastern fare.

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                            How many shawarma placed in Edmonton. Can u name them for me .