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Aug 27, 2007 07:09 PM

Cheese-making supplies

Does anyone know of a supplier in Montreal for rennet and the bacterial culture needed for making cheese? I'm not looking to buy in bulk, just enough to make a batch at home.

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  1. Try the food co-ops or health/organic food stores for the rennet.
    If that doesn't help, did you look in a supermarket? The rennet is often sold in the aisle where "Junket" powder is sold.

    Below this is an LJ link to bulk food co-ops that also might lead you to a place that you could call for info, at least!

    The bacterial cultures sold in shops usually are Lactobacillus and are for making yoghurt. I have never seen anything for cheese, per se.

    1. I just started cheese-making and ordered a small kit from
      It looks like they have everything you'd need in small batch quantities.

      1. Here's a link to recipes that use cultured buttermilk or yogurt and Junket rennet instead of the more exotic cultures you get from a cheesemaking place. All should be available in most supermarkets.

        1. I got rennet at Hamel, at Jean Talon market. It worked well. Cheese cloth was surprisingly hard to find, I ended up getting it at Provigo.

          My cheese was ok--I think one of the keys is to find good whole milk. Why go through all the trouble if your source is pasteurized and kind of de-flavoured? The milk I used was d'Antan which was the best I could find.

          I made a mistake though: after cutting the curd, I dumped the whole thing into a tub. All the beatiful little curds kind of got mashed. Made it a pain to pass through the cloth since there were now so many fine bits. In the end the cheese was tasty, but I'm waiting to find whole milk before I do it again. (btw, I followed this guy too:

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            Cheese cloth is readily available at any dollar store - or at least any dollar store I have been to in the NDG area.

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