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Aug 27, 2007 06:20 PM

Cheese course question

Mr. cthoops and I are headed to Paris for the first time at the end of September. We love cheese (all kinds) and have happily noticed that many restaurants have a "cheese course" that comes out after the main course. I've read many accounts of people helping themselves to a variety of cheeses, but I was just wondering how the cost is calculated? Is it based on how many you take, a flat fee, or just included in the prix fixe? I'm trying to avoid an unpleasant surprise when the check is presented!


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  1. It depends if the prix fixe/tasting menu includes a cheese cart course. If not, it will list it as a separate course on the a la carte menu. Either case, you are allow to eat as much as you like. Because of the expense, the cheese cart is becoming harder to find in Paris. Many small restaurants will only have a couple of varieties, usually serve with an accompaniment, and charge separately for each one.

    1. Some places may also bring you out a plate with several portions of cheese already on it, rather than a master cart from which you choose. As PBSF says, it will be at a set price, which may or may not be included in a prix fixe dinner.

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