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Aug 27, 2007 06:08 PM

5 Down, 1 To Go - You Pick

I have an upcoming trip to NY and have decided to try to following places over a three day weekend: db Bistro Moderne, Bouley, Union Square Cafe, Aquagrill and David Burke & Donatella. I know some of these are trendy and none of them are in stone, mind you, but I do have reservations. This leaves one dinner or lunch remaining - I can always juggle the order. Truth is, money is no object. Jean Georges and Daniel were options. I also considered Tocqueville, Hearth, Whym, L'Atelier, etc. Any opinions on the places I've chosen or ones you would pick instead would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Jean Georges and Daniel are both fabulous- though Daniel is much more formal. Went to Hearth recently and was very disappointed- very loud. Gotham Bar and Grill is fabulous and never disappoints. Also consider changing up Union Square Cafe for Eleven Madison Park or Gramercy Tavern. Asiate in the Mandarin is quiet lovely as well. Enjoy!

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      Thanks for the help. I think I will try Eleven Madison Park. Never heard of it, but I've read some reviews and seen the menu and it looks incredible.

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        I haven't see anything great from Union Square Cafe lately. I don't know that it will wow you, but then again, I don't have a crystal ball. Are you willing to give Nobu a shot for lunch? I love their bento boxes. Maybe another more casual option for lunch (or even a casual dinner) is Morandi, Keith McNally's new Italian in the West Village. I really liked the vibe and the food and think it's worth a try.

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          Your list sounds perfect -- don't touch it!
          Bon appetit!

    2. Recent reviews of USC haven't been great at all-- personally I think the place is a little tired. Go to EMP, you WILL NOT be dissapointed (esp if you get the suckling pig!)

      1. I suggest Eleven Madison Park, might want to change db Bistro with Cafe Boulud - a little more refined!

        1. I would swap Eleven Madison Park for Union Square Cafe and Daniel or Cafe Boulud for dbBistro. For the remaining dinner, I'd go with Tocqueville or Fleur de Sel.

          I've not been to either Aquagrill of DB&D. But based on what I've read, I'd choose Jean Georges and L'Atelier over them.

          Great dining ahead! Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

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            If money is truly no object, and you can get a reservation, then go to Per Se. Their tasting menu is supposedly the best in the city (at $250/pp, it better be).

            1. re: foodieforthought

              Money is no object for me, but getting a reservation - that's another story. Per Se was on the short list, but apparently unless you know someone willing to loan you a blue-blooded strand of DNA, my only choice for dining was 9:45 pm or later. I'm on the fence about USC, but it would be for lunch, and we would be in that area, so any suggestions would have to center on that. I want to do L'Atelier but I hear mixed reviews on that one as well -- food underwhelming and service hit and miss.

              1. re: Forester Keen

                L'Atelier Robuchon is wonderful; that should DEFINITELY be on your list; along with Eleven Madison Park. Union Sq Cafe is so so...same for Burke & Donatella...good but not remarkable. Jean George is also great and their lunch is a real bargain!

                1. re: DutchOenophile

                  Is there a significant difference in sitting at the bar vs. a table at L'Atelier. I hear it's first come first serve at the bar, but that it's a special experience. Has anyone done this?