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Aug 27, 2007 05:54 PM

Brunch and Lunch in Falmouth and vicinity

I'll be coming in on a red eye from Seattle and arriving in Boston or Providence en route to a wedding in Falmouth, MA on Labor Day weekend. Presumably, I'll rent a car at the airport and drive to the Cape (one has to, no?)

I'll have apporximately 3 lunches in or near Falmouth, where I'll stay. I think with the wedding Sunday and rehearsal dinner Saturday I'll be covered for dinners, so I'm looking at Brunch or lunches. Possibly I also could stop on the way back to the airport for an early dinner Monday. Also, I am not sure how far I can get from Falmouth with the wedding responsiblities and desire to socialize.

Any suggestions? I am open to nearly anything, especially what is inferior or unavailable in Seattle, provided it is of good quality and interesting. I hear rumors of Brazillian and Cambodian populations in the area and that is intriguing. But so are outstanding spots for chowder.

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  1. First, yes, you can rent a car but there are regular busses going to Falmouth from Boston and Providence. (Peter Pan.) If you do not need a car while you are there, this is an easy option. Lots of people on the Cape and Islands use the bus due to the horrible traffic.The bus station in Falmouth is easy to get to so someone can pick you up if that works for you.

    Try this site:

    It should help you.

    I have been to a few of these places, but not this summer, so I hesitate to give a full report on the quality of the food, as things change so quickly on the Cape. I am sure other people who have been to these places this summer will be more up to date than I am. You can't go wrong with a fresh boiled lobster or a bowl of chowder almost anywhere on the Cape....Have fun.

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      I said Labor Day weekend, but I meant to say Columbus Day. My bad. I've got more time.

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        Just got back from Falmouth, and the best breakfast we had was before we got on the road to come back to NYC at Betsy's Diner on Main Street in Falmouth. Just your basic eats but the coffee, service, blueberry pancakes, sausage and eggs on our table were all excellent. Best breakfast I have had in a long time. We did a dinner at RooBar on Main Street also and the food was very good also. I had the mussels in bacon and cream and something spicy sauce. My husband had their burger which was excellent. Great toasted bun. The polenta fries are a bit odd though. Not bad, just odd. You might have to make reservations for lunch or dinner.

        Also, for sweets, there is Ben and Bill's Chocolate Emporium with all kinds of goodies to choose from. Lobster ice cream, anyone? Besides that they have an ice cream called KGB that is Kalhua, Grand Marnier and Bailey's flavor. And tons and tons of other stuff to choose from. Fudge, chocolates, cordials, chocolate covered milk and dark Oreos. It's incredible.