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Aug 27, 2007 05:38 PM


Has anybody tried this place in West Hollywood? Is it good - any recommendations? I might be going there for a birthday/casual business lunch sometime this week.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Went last week for a casual office birthday lunch. It's terrible. Mel's Diner across the street would have been a better choice.

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        Good to know. Thanks - I think I'll suggest to change the location... But out of curiousity, what was so bad about it? The food, the drinks, or everything?

        1. re: chris1621

          The food is a bad take on classic comfort food, at least at lunch. Bland, boring - just not good. Service was fine considering we were a large party.
          I've heard that the kool-aid based drinks in the evening at the bar are quite good though.

          1. re: chris1621

            I blogged about my dinner at Ketchup earlier in the year. You can read about it below:


        2. I had a birthday dinner there once. I thought the service was great. decor was fun and sexy. food, sadly was mediocre.

          1. You should go if you want a fun, trendy restaurant, but not if you're interested in good food. I went for dinner about a month ago. It was a Saturday night and the place was packed with attractive people who all seemed to be enjoying themselves. The servers were friendly and helpful and they have this girl who comes around with a drink cart to give you free fruity drinks to try. A nice touch. All in all the atmoshpere is upbeat and social and a fun way to spend an evening, however the food is pretty mediocre. Not awful, but not worth it for the price. If you do go I recommend the mac 'n cheese with crab.

            1. i hear Tara Reid is an investor so it definitely has Hollywood flair. if you're looking for OK food and good atmosphere - you should be fine. i guess it depends on what the birthday/business wants right? gourmets should probably stay away.