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Aug 27, 2007 04:53 PM

Paris Style Pizza

Has anyone found pizza like they serve in Paris? My friend is on a hunt and so far isn't having any luck.


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  1. Tarte flambe?

    New York has 'em but years ago this post was sent to me:

    "I too am a huge TF fan, and look for them wherever I go. I've only found them at Mimosa (on Beverly Blvd.) some time ago (and am having trouble accessing their website to see their menu right now). But if they still have them, perhaps their sister restaurant in Hollywood (Les Deux Cafes? or Cafe des Artistes? I always forget..) also has 'em."

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    1. re: Hershey Bomar

      Café des Artistes is the one that has a relationship with Mimosa. Les Deux Cafés, in its old form, was independent, and that version has since closed down. The nightclub that now inhabits the location resembles the original one only in that it inhabits the same old Craftsman house and has "Les Deux" in the name.

      Mimosa lists a tarte flambée alsacienne on its menu; the same is on Café des Artiste's dinner menu.

    2. Trader Joe's has a frozen Tarte d'Alsace that's actually not bad.

      (I can hear 5 million Parisians sharpening their knives and vowing to kill me, right through the whole planet, but, well... it''s really not bad. Whether it bears any resemblance to parisian pizza, I can't say.)

      1. What characterizes Paris style pizza for you? I remember them being fairly undistinguished, just an individual sized pizza with a medium thin crust like you would find in most Italian restaurants here such as the old Alto Palato.

        1. I'm also not sure what you mean by "Paris-style". To me, parisian pizza was distinguished mostly by the wierd toppings that we aren't used to here in the states, like tuna or a whole egg plopped right in the middle.