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Aug 27, 2007 04:32 PM

Globe Bistro vs Cava

Globe Bistro or Cava? How do they rank on price, atmosphere, food, noise, wine?


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  1. I've been 3 times to each.
    Globe is more 'elegant/bistro' on the way to formal but pretty relaxed. Lighting is subdued and the wine list is very reasonable (for Toronto) - almost everything (couple of exceptions) is around 100% markup. Menu is pretty good but smaller than Cava (I particularly like the pork dishes). Each time, the bill was a pleasant surprise - less than I had anticipated.

    Cava is much 'harder/bustling'. Noisy - more like a (wine) bar. Menu is more extensive, as befitting 'small portion' dining. Wine markups start at 150% - and go up to multiples of 4-5 (at worst). Every time there I've been unpleasantly surprised by the bill - but the menu is good.

    Patrons tend to be younger at Cava.

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    1. re: estufarian

      I have never been to Globe BUT when I eat at Cava I am always surprised how little the bill is.. I am not a wine drinker though...

      1. re: OnDaGo

        We ate at both during our trip to Toronto. I'd give Globe the nod overall. The space is great (especially the upstairs seating), with comfortable tables (tablecloths) v Cava's mall setting and busy atmosphere.
        Next-the food quality and creativity is greater at Globe, as is the wine list.
        I think each is worth going to-I enjoyed Cava, and thought a lot of the food was very good. It's more casual, in my view.
        I think the service is much better at Globe, as well.
        And for the record, the bills for each-Cava $180.16, Globe $192.34.

    2. cava is great, the atmosphere is spot on and the kitchen( for the size ) can really crank it out. a great place to spill some wine, or cava, with good friends. globe on the other hand is a little stuffy in my opinion, although the food is great albeit much different than cava. both places can be a real experience into "real" cooking, free of the whole molecular plague that seems to be ravishing this city. the only downside to these places is that they are in crap locations.

      try both.

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      1. re: insideman

        Someone told me that the chef at Globe left. Has anyone else heard this?

        1. re: pescatarian

          One of the chefs left at the beginning of 2007 - now open at Cowbell. But haven't heard anything recently.