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Aug 27, 2007 04:04 PM


Hi All:

Never been to Seattle, but we're coming in for a few days in late September with my 11 year old son to see the always awesome White Stripes at the Paramount Theater....During our stay, we would like to check out the Pike Place Market....Besides getting a few pics of fish throwing, I was hoping you could recommend some do-not-miss culinary highlights ....I vaguely remember seeing on Food Network about a Russian or Polish bakery there that is supposed to be amazing......please let me know...I'm open to any and all foods...Thanks!!!!

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  1. There is a Turkish place that has boreks, I don't remember the name, but it was very good. Beecher's Cheese is wonderful. Don't miss it! There is a Russian place that had pirogi (not sure I'm spelling that correctly) that our daughter said was great, but we didn't make it there. We also loved La Panier for French pastries and The Crumpet Shop for all kinds of crumpets, toast, and scones. Gooseberry jam! We also love DeLaurentis for sausage, chocolate and cheese.
    Not food related, but we loved it, is the Wind Up Toy Shop. We made some great purchases there!

    1. This is a popular topic. See and the links there.

      1. Matt's in the Market, Beechers Cheese Market (incredible tomato soup and spicy mach and cheese!)

        1. The Polish place may have been Piroshky Pirosky, as they have a picture of Anthony Bourdain in the window when he visited. We were just in SEA and didn't get to try thier piroshkies. However, CH also said there are better piroshkies at Cafe Yamarka, which is tucked away from the street.

          Our favorite sit-down meal was at Salumi. It is not at Pike Place but the meatball sandwich was SOO goood! I can still taste the tomato sauce! Beware--their sandwiches can feed 2 people!

          Do not miss Le Panier for breads and pastries. De Laurentiis market has a great cheese selection and Le Panier baguettes as well.

          We didn't make it to Bottega Italiana for gelato, but they sell it in SD. We've been happy with the chocolate and raspberry so far.

          1. Piroshky Piroshky IS amazing. You won't go wrong with the Beef & Onion or the Beef & Cabbage.