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Aug 27, 2007 03:32 PM

Anyone know if or when Athenian Grill is opening up again

I've heard rumors that they'll be opening in a downtown location somewhere east of Congress. I tried calling their old number which has been disconnected.

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  1. Bump! My co-workers and I recalled seeing on the "we've moved" sign at the former location that they were moving to 8th & Brazos. We've checked there a few times recently and there is no sign of it.

    Do the owners of Athenian Grill have another location up north? I remember hearing something like that waaaay back. If so, maybe we can call up the other location and ask...

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I did some research and apparently the lease on the new place fell through. Not sure of the details but the owner is still interested in opening at a new location. Exactly where and when is anyone's guess.

        1. Looks like today's Austin Business Journal has an article on Athenian. No opening date is set, but it looks like it will be in 6 months in One America Center on 6th. Anyone know anything about Perry's Steakhouse that is taking over their old location?

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            Thanks for the update. I found this article (presumably the one you are referring to) but it makes no mention about 6 months:

            Perhaps the article continues and I can't read it because I'm not a subscriber?

            1. re: pwang

              Does anyone know anything new about the re-opening of Athenian Grill? I really miss this place...

              1. re: foodiegal71

                There has been lots of construction activity going on in their new space (across 6th street from Gold's Gym and Ruth's Chris). I heard that they were supposed to open sometime in June... as soon as I see that they are open, I will post a new topic here.

                1. re: pwang

                  OK, now they have a big "Opening Soon" banner up, and my friend today said he walked down there and spoke to the owner, who said they were aiming to open by the end of June. Yay!

                  1. re: pwang

                    Any more news on the date of the opening of the Athenian Grill since we are nearing the end of June?

                    1. re: HHidalgo

                      I go by it every day and will post when it opens. There's still a lot of work going on inside (may have stalled) and the windows are very dusty.

          2. I don't know about this, but if anyone is up north, there's a brand new place----Plaka Greek Cafe in Georgetown. I think it opened last week. I ate there once over the weekend and it was delicious. Nice and fresh. Excellent veggies. Good tabouleh. It's at the corner of Williams Drive and I-35 on the northwest corner. They had several desserts that looked good--I'll go check them out and report back!