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Aug 27, 2007 03:17 PM

Restaurants in and near Laconia, NH

We are planning a trip for the 1st week of October and staying at The Summit at Four Seasons in Laconia, NH. Can anyone recommend restaurants in the area(the Lakes Region)? Thanks.

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  1. New rest. "O" is getting great reviews from my chowhound family and it's owned by the same folks that do the Canoe over in Ctr. Harbor (love their menu, their service is miserable most of the time). Not too much in Laconia for awesome dining, will you be traveling around the lakes region, say........ Ctr. Harbor, Meredith, Sandwich, Wolfboro, Northfield (just found a great place for a Lobster roll off exit 19 called Dipsy Doodle). What do you like?

    1. Depending on your tastes and ability to travel...

      Lago -- Italian from the Common Man family of restaurants -- good food, good portions, good prices. Meredith

      Town Docks -- Seafood from the Common Man family of restaurants -- only open during the summer. Food is pretty good, cafeteria-style service inside, waitress service outside. Fair food, fair prices. Meridith

      Canoe -- American cuisine -- some interesting items on the menus, good food, fair prices. Center Harbor (Rt. 25)

      Christmas Tree Tavern -- American cuisine -- Lively bar, nice, comforting food -- good food, good prices. Paugus Bay

      William Tell Restaurant -- German/Swiss cuisine -- Great food, fair prices. W. Alton (Rt. 16)

      Patrick's -- American cuisine -- Large bar, nice dining room. Good food, good prices. Gilford (Rt. 11A)

      These places come immediately to mind...

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      1. re: lar3ry

        Thanks for tips. Yes, we will be able to travel around and hopefully will try a number of the places you mentioned.

      2. Ok, willing to travel just a bit, here's my list:

        best lobster roll is Sam and Rosies in Ctr. Harbor
        Awesome fried clams at Village Kitchen in Moultonboro (great inexpensive, everything food)
        great breakfast - George's Diner in Meredith
        Great Italian - Abondanta's in Meredith
        Great everything (favorite calamari) - Corner House Inn in Center Sandwich
        Awesome BBQ at Yankee SmokeHouse in Ossipee (Rt. 25 & Rt. 16)
        Excellent Steaks at the Woodshed in Tuftonboro
        Awesome awesome awesome ice cream at Jordan's on Rt. 106 in Belmont.

        1. Shibley's on the Pier in Alton Bay I believe is open all year. Great fried clams, sandwiches etc. and a wonderful view of the lake.
          Canoe in Center Harbor for the fabulous lobster mac & cheese;
          Mames in Meredith for it's cozy atmosphere, bean appetizer and any veal dish;
          Lemon Grass in Center Harbor for seafood in green curry and other fusion Thai dishes;
          The Galley in Laconia for any type of fried seafood. Atmosphere isn't much, but those fried clams! and
          Guissepes at the Inns at Mill Falls in Meredith for pizza; stuffed mushrooms or mussels