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Aug 27, 2007 03:07 PM

Patoug in Eastern Queens

I'm confused as to why it is that noone posts here about Patoug. I'm very much a restaurant junkie, and they are by far the best Meat meal you can get in Queens. Now, really thinking about it, they're definitely in the top 5 in NY, including the places we shlep out to in the city.

They're Persian, pretty authentic persian, really decently priced, and for some reason always empty.

If anyone else is interested in checking out what I guarantee will not be a mistake, they're on Horace Harding, right before springfield blvd. DO NOT PARK IN THE LOT. I was towed from it once, and had my car keyed in it another time, till I learned my lesson and started parking on the street

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  1. Who provides kosher supervision?

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      1. re: jeterfan

        If one of the reasons you are choosing this restaurant is because it is kosher, please understand that this restaurant is NOT kosher. We went there last night and was shocked when they set a small bowl of butter on our table in a supposed MEAT kosher restaurant. I then took a longer look at the menu and found yogurt and feta cheese.

        I don't keep kosher, so I did eat my meal - which was at best mediocre - dry chicken, burnt vegetables.

        For much, much better recommendation for Queens, try Grill Point in Flushing.

        1. re: danany

          it was kosher, but hasnt been in a while, id say its at least 3 years

          they really did not get a huge jew crown, id guess bc of the location, and maintaining the hashgacha made no sense for them, unless they were doing it just for me

          however, when they were kosher, LOVE, the best shirin polo ive ever had in a restaurant, faaar better than colbeh

          1. re: danany

            FYI...those posts are like 4 1/2 years old. Caveat Emptor