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Aug 27, 2007 02:54 PM

DFW to Enid Oklahoma

Going up to Enid for a bicycle ride this weekend, anyboy have any places I cannot do without. I was thinking of stopping at Leo's in OKC on the way up for lunch. It was on FoodTV the other day and looked pretty darn good.

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  1. An acquaintance in OK (originally from the East Coast) swears by Hideaway Pizza. The originall was in Stillwater but locations now in OKC, Norman and Tulsa. You can find more about them on citysearch.

    If you pass thru El Reno on 66 or 81, you might try the El Reno specialties, coney islands and fried onion burgers. There are 4 places on 66, popular with the retro-Route 66 crowd; you'll pass 2 of them on 81 also in town, Johnny Rockets and Robert's are the names I remember. The El Reno coney is a bright red, meaty weenie topped with chili and a very sweet slaw in lieu of pickle relish, cloyingly sweet to my taste at JR's. I didn't care for it but the dog by itself was good. They really ladle it on. The fried onion burger involves onions mashed into a ball of meat as it gets flattened and fries on the grill; the onions get charred, not just caramelized. Again, I didn't care for it much because of the charring.

    Not much in Enid but chains that I saw but there were a couple I'm not used to, Carl Jr.'s and Taco Bueno. Maybe a couple of mom and pop Mexican and Chinese. Mostly the restaurants seemed to be on the SW side, forget the name of the street but a major cross-town thoroughfare. SE of downtown on one of the major streets leading out to the University was Pak-a-Sak, years ago great for sliders, 6 for 90 cents. They were still in business but closed during my brief pass thru town. Sure would have liked to have had a sack of 'em if they still do 'em.

    I was full from Kincaid's in FW and Johnny Rocket's so I passed on dinner and just took advantage of the hotel breakfast spread the next morning before leaving town.

    My advice - stick to the Interstates - highway maintenance in OK isn't like what you're used to in TX - and watch out for the radar in all those little towns that don't have by-passes.

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      Second the Hideaway, if you happen to be near a location.

    2. If you want to have something to burn off during that bike ride, their is a fried pie shop off of I-35 on exit 72, I believe. There is a sign if I'm wrong.

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        definitly checkout the Fried Pie Store. We have one here in Tulsa. The meat pies are good, but the fruit pies are outstanding. My favorite is the blackberry. A friend prefers the lemon. And they are cheap. Excellent dough, not greasy.

      2. Well I ended up stopping at a Steak House / BBQ in Guthrie. It was good enough for me to stop there on the way back as well. In Enid, I had all kinds of plans, but the room next door had the TV on all night. I ended up riding then heading back to the hotel for a nap.

        1. This thread is probably abandoned, but--

          Port Lugano on S. Van Buren is good. They have a very good caesar salad and tomato soup. More importantly, they seriously have the best latte you'll ever drink. I don't know why--God knows Enid is not gourmet central--but Port Lugano's latte is kick-ass. They have a really high-end cool copper espresso machine and the owner is Swiss (I think), and altogether you'll be pleasantly surprised by their stuff.

          Also, I haven't been to Enid in a couple years, but when I was last there I went to a Mexican place on Garriott called Playa Azul that was good--way better than the chain crap in town.

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            Good to bear in mind. I believe they are having the same bike ride this September, so i will probably go.