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Aug 27, 2007 02:48 PM

Desperately seeking an *authentic* Lobster Roll like I just had in Nantucket

Can anyone recommend a place in NYC that has a DELICIOUS authentic lobster roll?

The last one I had in NYC was so full of mayo that I could barely find the lobster.

Thanks. :-)

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  1. Please describe the lobster roll you had in Nantucket...

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      Lots of fresh tasty lobster, very little mayo, perfect toasted bun.

    2. I got back from Nantucket last night, and I'm not sure where you ate your first one out there, but Ed's Lobster Bar or Pearl Oyster Bar's lobster roll will rival anywhere in the nation. Personally, I am partial to Ed's but its debated all over Chowhound.

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      1. re: randymac88

        Where is Ed's? We are staying in the Village and are total Village idiots AKA tourists.

        1. re: steveb

          lafayette between spring and broome.

          hands down, ed's beats pearl's and mary's...any goddamn day of the week.

      2. Definitely Pearl Oyster Bar- For the perfect balance to the roll start with the fried oysters, and then finish with the praline sundae- perfect!

        1. Pearl Oyster Bar on Cornelia Street. The original and the best.

          1. First of all, the word "authentic" is not all that helpful, as there are many different styles of lobster roll, even throughout New England. The classic New England lobster roll (although I'm not sure "classic" is any better of a word than "authentic") is lobster salad stuffed into a buttered and grilled New England-style hot dog roll (a roll that is split on the top, not the side). But how that lobster salad is prepared is where most of the variation comes from. Sometimes it is just chunks of lobster meat with very little mayo or aioli binding it together, whereas sometimes it truly is more of what we would consider a lobster salad, as is the case of the lobster roll at Pearl.

            So all of that said, while I too love the lobster roll at Pearl, it sounds to me like it is not what the OP is looking for. It's been a while since I've had it, but I think the lobster roll at Black Pearl may be more consistent with what the OP is describing.