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Aug 27, 2007 01:52 PM

Good Breakfast in Eugene? Roseburg?, etc.?

Driving up to Portland at the end of this week and will probably spend the night in Medford or Roseburg.

Is there anywhere good to eat breakfast in the area? We're also stopping in Eugene for a bit and wouldn't mind breakfast suggestions for there.

I saw 2 rave reviews for the breakfasts at the Excelsior, but there was another review saying it was awful. Is it too fancy for two slobs who've been driving?

Any help gladly accepted.


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  1. In Eugene I can't imagine just stopping at the Excelsior for breakfast, its more of a place to go if you happen to be staying at the Inn, or have a business meeting. I've never had Bfast there but in general their food is very uneven, often trying too hard to be too many things. Instead, I'd suggest either Brail's, 16th just off of Willamette, a good greasy spoon kind of place with very sweet service, or Hideaway Bakery, an excellent woodstove bakery that does among other things incredible potato donuts, just on the weekends. It is a little tricky to find but worth it: 3377 East Amazon, behind Mazzi's Italian Restaurant. Phone number is (541) 868-1982.

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      Thanks a lot. Does the bakery serve breakfast (eggs, etc.) or only baked goods. We've been eating homemade granola for breakfast almost every day for months and want to splurge.

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        If you want bakery food, the definitive place to go in Eugene is Sweet Life, 755 Monroe. From their website: "For breakfast there’s an abundance of morning pastries: jumbo cinnamon rolls, Danish, apple strudel, muffins, croissants, scones, sticky buns, caramel bread pudding and savory strata."

        That said, it won't do if you're looking for eggs.

    2. Locals directed us to Xenon, and we enjoyed it. Especially the coffee, since, inexplicably, California is bereft of good java. Ashland has Morning Glory, just in case...

      1. Hideaway is pretty much just a bakery (with espresso, etc.). Zenon is a fine choice, uneven at dinner, but solid for breakfast.

        1. If you decide to stay in Medford, the 1st street cafe in Phoenix does a very good breakfast.
          Open for Breakfast and Luch.

          1. in mid-August, my family and I had breakfact twice at The Glenwood Restaurant in Eugene, near the U of O campus (apparently there is another 'branch' downtown). good selection, good service, fair prices. very tasty organic whole wheat toast, and great hazelnut crusted french toast.

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