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Aug 27, 2007 01:46 PM

Kosher near Pinelawn?

Planning on coming out from manhattan w/my wife, daughter & sisters to visit the cemetery next Sunday. Any suggestions for lunch either near that area, or convenient from LIE/NSP?

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  1. What kind of food are you looking for? If you're looking for something informal, there's a bagel boss on glen cove road, which is LIE- Exit 39, GCP- Exit 31. Otherwise, there are tons of places on middle neck road, LIE- Exit 33, including a couple of chinese places and a pizzeria. If you're looking for kosher, but not glatt, there's a Ben's Deli in the same shopping center as the bagel boss I mentioned before

    1. The Main st exit off the LIE to Kew Garden Hills, a whole bunch of places on Main St

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        There was at some point a kosher falafel/pizza place in the JCC in Bethpage, LIE exit 43 or so. It had been in Bethpage in a strip mall (Aderet) put then moved a number of years ago. I haven't been since it moved, but the falafel was fantastic in the old location (and the pizza was very avoidable).

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          Aderet is out of business. Some suggestions that are close to the LIE or NSP:

          Plainview - Hunki's - pizza and dairy Italian food

          Roslyn Heights (Willis Ave exit LIE or NSP) - Bagel Boss, Colbeh (Persian food)

          Great Neck (Middle Neck Road) - many restaurants including Mideastern, Persian, Chinese, pizza, and dairy

          Kew Garden Hills (Main Street) Mideastern, Colbeh, Chinese, Dougie's, pizza, dairy restaurants

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            Pinelawn can also be reached by using the Southern State Pkwy (see link).


            Therefore, you can also consider eating out at Wing Wan (Chinese food) in West Hempstead, which is right off the Southern State Pkwy.

      2. We ended up going to hunki's in Plainview. Not bad for kosher pizza. Thanks for all the suggestions.

        1. Updates? (going this Sunday)

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            other than, like bagel boss or hunkies- which are both eh, theres nothign out there