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Aug 27, 2007 01:31 PM

Le Petit Dejeuner - disappointing lunch

Finally had a monday off in a long while and most of my favorite lunch/pastry places are closed (even Il Gelatiere was closed), so had to hunt for a substitute place nearby St. Lawrence Market (also closed, argh). Decided to give Le Petit Dejeuner a try, based on a few Chowhound recs.

Started off with their Belgian fries and mayo. The fries were of the nice and thin shoe-string variety, similar to the ones we used to love at the old Steakfrites (now occupied by Lai Toh Heen). Mayo sauce was just that, mayo.

I ordered the Hungry Gal dish, 2 eggs, potato rosti, a green apple cole slaw (consisted of slices of apple, some veggie and thousand island dressing), and choice of organic sausage (mine was overly charred/burnt) or fish cake (not available) or peameal bacon. Really nothing stellar, and the salad dressing and burnt sausage was a real downer.

Wife had the crepe with mussels and spinach, but didn't see a single sliver of spinach in sight and the sauce was strangely curry based. She kept shaking her head in disgust while eating this dish.

They did have some other items on the menu that others had ordered, like Belgian Waffles and other french sandwiches. But based on we tried, I don't think I'll be back in a while. Much rather have gone to Saving Grace...

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  1. Shame. I've always found this place pretty consistent, but sounds like they had a bad day. The waffles are usually the biggest standout on their brunch/lunch menu, and the pancakes are also excellent. I've also had some good sandwiches with frites, as you mentioned.

    My wife actually really likes the curry mussels and orders them quite often, but I agree that's not something they should spring on you without adequate warning -- it is an unusual combo and probably not for everyone.

    1. I was there for Saturday brunch in March and won't be returning! S-L-O-W to the point that my companion had to leave before her food arrived.

      1. I've never been to this place, and I don't excuse the mediocre food, but I have to say I'd be wary of having lunch at a place named for its breakfast. It's almost like ordering Chinese food in a diner or pasta at a steakhouse.