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Aug 27, 2007 01:18 PM

Wang's Somerville, What do you order?

I finally managed to order in from Wang's over the weekend. Singapore Rice Sicks were great, just spicy enough and had the surprise of delish smoky curry. Spinach Dumplings and Chicken Cabbage dumplings disappointed a bit, wrappers were thicker than I like but fillings and ginger dip were great. Also got Yu Shang Broccoli and was disappointed to find typical broccoli (not Chinese) and lots of unmentioned veggies like peppers and onions and carrots. The Pork Fried Rice my dining partner ordered was nice as was his Chicken Moo Shi. But the boneless spareribs he ordered were dry, I thought.

There were lots of items that I was curious about, but was unsure which ones really would shine...let me know what are your favorites from Wang's. Thanks!

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  1. I do like to stick with the back page for ordering:

    Pork & Leek dumplings
    Pork & green bean dumplings
    Spinach dumplings
    The wrappers seem to vary in thickness, but they're usually my favorite around

    Scallion pancake
    pork & pickle soup noodle
    spicy chinese cabbage
    roast beef in soy sauce
    jelly fish with cucumber in garlic sauce
    smoked fish
    Leek pie

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      I had a feeling we should have had the pork dumplings over the chicken. I love spicy so the cabbage is on my next order as are the scallion pancakes. I'll have to muster up some courage for the jelly fish! Maybe we'll get it as that "extra" item we always seem to need when ordering in Chinese. Thanks!

    2. Here's a link from a chowdown gathering. All dishes were a hit except one.

      1. I LOVE the cucumbers in garlic sauce (I tried to replicate it myself once and failed miserably). I also really love the scallion pancakes, though they always bring tiny little containers of sauce so we have to keep asking for more. We try and go on the weekends, I think they have special dumplings then (usually I just let my friends order and then we all share).

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        1. re: sarahdatester

          Sounds like an ideal place for a crowd of adventurous eaters. I saw the additional weekend dim sum noted on the menu. Will have to go again...soon.

        2. I don't know the official names but my favorites were the shredded vinegar potatoes, the pork and leek dumplings, the pork with plum sauce and the spicy shredded beef and peppers.

          1. any of the dumplings, though pork & green bean might be my favorite
            pork with smoked bean curd
            there's a dish that's something like fatty pork with chestnuts that's pretty interesting

            also, I love their version of Peking meat sauce noodle. Way better than Qingdao, IMHO.

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            1. re: MB fka MB

              i love the peking meat sauce noodle at wang's too, though it's a much better in-house dish than a delivery item. the noodles tend to get overcooked a bit in the container when you get it for take out, i think.

              i also really like the crispy butterfish, though the same caveat applies there.