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Aug 27, 2007 01:13 PM

Fat Cat Pie Co (Norwalk) - any suggestions/recs?

I'm going to the Fat Cat Pie Co for the first time tonight - any suggestions/recommendations of what to get, what to avoid, etc?

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  1. never even heard of it - how was it? I always trust your opinion on things???

    1. I think I'm probably getting back to you too late. I've been a few times, and I always order the homemade sausage pizza. Thin crust and just enough for one person. Pizza preferences are so subjective, but this one rates as one of my personal favorites. Their wine selections are what make FCP stand out, because, I believe one of the partners owns a unique wine store in Norwalk. Well...let us all know what you ordered and how you liked it. It reminds me that I'm overdue for a visit there.

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        I thought Fat Cat was good, not great, but very good.

        Four of us split a cheese plate, salad, a pie with the homemade sausage and a pie with hot peppers and caramelized onions, plus a few desserts.

        The cheese plate was decent if unexciting, and the salad was fine. The pies could have been cooked a little longer/at a slightly hotter temperature, for my liking anyway. They were perfectly competent, but I would have been happier with a little char. Also, I would have liked sausage that wasn't completely crumbled (again, just a matter of personal taste, the sausage was indeed very good). The hot peppers on the pie were searingly hot, which was ok by me but the others might have preferred slightly less bite. The desserts (butterscotch pudding, carrot cake, and something else I don't remember) were very good.

        As for the wine, the list is quite extensive, and has a whole section of more affordable bottles - we had a very tasty Malbec for $17/bottle.

        I think of the pies somewhat like a more gourmet, but (to me) slightly less good version of Colony Grill in Stamford. I'd definitely go back, though.

        Total for 4 of us was $89. Not bad.

        1. re: adam

          thanks for the review Adam. Jfood has found a lull in pizza quality in the neighborhood over the last few months and is always looking for another "let's give it a try" sorta place.

          Question on the sausage, was it crumbled to about the size of an M&M (which jfood agrees is too small)? jfood likes the sausage about the size of a quarter so he can get a full tasting versus just a seasoning from the smaller size.

          1. re: jfood

            at most, the size of an m & m. There was lots of it - it wasn't skimpy - just overly crumbled.

            1. re: adam

              adam, I agree that the sausage pieces could be chunkier, and you're right that they don't skimp. It's certainly not the best pizza around, but not bad. The atmosphere does rate well, and the wines selections are exceptional. Every time I've been, the waiter/owner has let us taste the wines before ordering a full glass, which can run you about $10. That's a pretty sweet deal.

      2. When I lived in Norwalk, I would go to Fat Cat for the atmospheren not the pizza. For pizza, we always went to our old favorite Uncle Joe's - now THAT's good pizza!

        1. I've been to Fat Cat several times but it's more for the wine than the food. It's a place I can meet a girlfriend and sit down and chat for 2 hours over a couple bottles of wine and not spend a ton of $$. The pizza is pretty good, maybe a little cardboard like sometimes. The salads are plain but good. I enjoy the cheese plate too. Everything is simple, basic and good.

          The atmosphere is nothing really special. Exposed brick with no art. The tv over the bar is always off. The servers are best described as the "stoners" you knew in high school.

          A comment to divamon, Uncle Joe's is pretty good, but it's greek pizza. When you're in that area give New Canaan Avenue Pizza a try, it's right up the street in the same parking lot as Bonani. It's really good, run by two guys who used to work at Hope St. in stamford.

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          1. re: sfoss17

            Thaks sfoss - I don't live in Norwalk anymore - I've moved to South Carolina, where there is no good pizza (at least not in Bluffton!) Uncle Joe's was just down the street from where I lived and even though it was greek, it was great. Next time I go to CT for a visit, I'll drop my your suggestion. Has it been there long? I remember a pizza place there next to the nail place and the Chinese place - is that it?