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Aug 27, 2007 12:56 PM


Hey, can you please recommend your favorite place to enjoy oysters in the city? Preferably a place with a fun, lively atmosphere. Thank you!

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  1. Aquagrill, best selection and best prices. Not really fun and lively by itself, but it's certainly in a fun and lively neighborhood.

    1. Sitting at the bar at the Grand Central Oyster Bar is fun. The other 2 places that have the best & most extensive oyster selelction NYC are Aquagrill in Soho (Spring St. & 6th Ave.) and Shaffer City on 21st St. between 5th & 6th. Aquagrill is a livelier atmosphere. Shaffer City is more casual-- it has a beautiful wall-size aquarium behind the bar in the front room. All have huge selections of East & West coast oysters..

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        And at Aquagrill, try a few RI cherrystones or littlenecks with the oysters. (Cherrystones are bigger and I think preferable.) I'm a Rhode Islander, so I'm a bit partial on this matter. I love oysters, but I'd just die without my clams. (Plus, I think there's something to not eating oysters in months without the letter R in them. They just don't taste quite so nice in the summer.)

        1. Five Points on Great Jones has a happy hour special on oysters and martinis. Fun? Lively?... Maybe after a few martinis.

          1. I've always liked getting oysters at balthazaar.