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Pub type food in Philly

My BIL loves pub type food and atmosphere, particularly Irish pub kind of places. I don't usually go out of the way for that type of food, but would like to have a bigger selection of choices to suggest. My sister likes to bring along the kids (7 and 4 ) for these kind of meals. Can I get some suggestions as to a few places with really good casual food where children would be welcome? (nice beer and wine selection is a big plus)

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  1. Is this for lunch or dinner? Tir Na Nog, Fergie's, Nodding Head, N.3rd are all good, but it may be tough to bring little ones for dinner at these places.

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      It would be for dinner. They like Fado and Tir Na Nog. Forgot about the Bards. Haven't been there in a few years; and I've never been to Nodding Head or Fergies.

    2. How about Dickens Inn in Head House Square...I think there's another pub in Head House...can't remember the name????

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        the dickens inn has been called the Dark Horse for a couple years now...nice spot for kids...the food is decent

      2. Dark Horse Pub on 2nd near South Street comes to mind. Fairly good beer selection and English pub type food. Shepherds pie is delicious. Royal Tavern on East Passyunk has a really good menu and daily specials.

        Dark Horse Pub
        421 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

        Royal Tavern
        937 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147

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          Totally forgot....Plough & the Stars in Old City. About as Irish pub-ish you can get. Nice beer selection and kid friendly during lunch....not so much on a Friday/Saturday night.

          Plough & the Stars
          123 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

        2. I haven't been in years, but I always liked The Bards. I had lunch at Tir Na Nog today........awful, and awfully expensive.

          And Black Sheep is an excellent Irish Pub with good food....

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            the Black Sheep is owned by the same fellas who own The Dark Horse and St Stephens Green in Fairmount...all decent food...nothing over the top...the Sheep prolly has the best grub. Try the Bishop's Collar on Fairmount and 26th(?) or 25th...good brunch on Sunday and a great pint

          2. You should definitely try Good Dog in Center City . . . . excellent sandwiches and entrees and a great beer selection! http://www.gooddogbar.com/

            1. Thank you all. I much appreciate this info, and so will my sister.

              1. Good Dog, South Phila Tap Room, Bishops Collar, Bridgids, Standard Tap, Ten Stone

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                  while i like every bar on your list, i wouldn't classify any of them as an irish pub, excepting maybe bishop's collar (even if the owner mis-named the pub).

                  whenever i need pub fare i usually go to the dark horse. the artful dodger across the street is nice and small and black sheep is quite good as well, though sometimes filled with rittenhouse prats. all are owned by brits/irish folk. st stephen's in fairmount pours a good pint as well and has outdoor seating.

                2. I like the Royal and South Philly Tap Room. I've never seen kids in the Royal, though. Also try Misconduct at 15th and Locust if you're in Center City. Good food and beer at all these places.

                  1. Many of the posts are great places to eat but do not address that OP's desire for "pub type food AND ATMOSPHERE, particularly IRISH PUB kind of places". For me the only sure bets mentioned to satisfy this criteria are"
                    1) Black Sheep
                    2) Dark Horse
                    3) Bishop's Collar (maybe)