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Aug 27, 2007 12:37 PM

Need help deciding (Italian in Baltimore)

Thank you all for your responses re: authentic Italian. I was leaning towards La Scala but due to renovations they will be closed the weekend I'm going. So, the decision is between La Tavola, Boccaccio and Sabatino's....I can't decide! HELP! (Price not really an issue, would like a decent atmosphere, good wine list, GOOD GRAVY!)

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  1. Boccaccio's , more northern Italian..lighter sauces, but very dependable....

    1. For the love of God, don't go to Sabatinos!

      1. Oh, goodness, please heed hon's advice and do NOT go to Sabatino's. La Tavola has excellent homemade pasta. If you are interested in anything else, I would go with Boccaccio.