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Aug 27, 2007 12:30 PM

30th Birthday in DC Area

So my boyfriend is turning 30 in November and I want to do something special for him. He doesn't want anything too fancy or too big of a production but I was thinking about renting out or having a section at a bar where our party could have an open bar but the rest of the bar would still be open to the public. I've done things like this at the Lodge Bar in Baltimore. Are there are fun places like that in the DC area that anyone could recommend? Or any other ideas/suggestions for a fun but not too expensive/crazy 30th?

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  1. There's a brand new Bar Louie in the Verizon Center that has a room specifically for parties and such. It's a huge bar, really accessible for metro goers, not that expensive, a laid back vibe, lots of flat screens for sports guys.

    Web says "This casually cool neighborhood restaurant and bar specializes in oversized signature sandwiches and hand-crafted specialty cocktails in addition to an extensive selection of small and large plates. A unique variety of drafts, bottled beers, microbrews and over 20 wines by the glass are also available. Warm surroundings with an urban feel include contemporary photography, hand-laid mosaic tiling, wood-paneled walls, retro light fixtures, plasma televisions and a variety of seating options from high-top bar tables to plush circular booths."

    1. Some places if I was doing that sort of thing that I would call:

      Tallula is really accommodating for doing group kinds of things.

      And perhaps Bar Rouge. They close the bar sometimes for private parties on weekends, and maybe they could do a variation?

      1. A few friends rented out the top level of the Childe Harold and they put a bartender or 2 right up there for you. I'm pretty sure also that the deal there is they will just give you the space and you don't have to necassarily have a limit type of thing.

        I also had a friend that had a big birthday party in the lounge/bar area at PS7. I'm not sure if it was an open bar situation but there were a ton of people on the invite (I unfortunatly was out of town that weekend) and most people showed up. So maybe they got a section of the bar to themself or just informed the bar that they would be having a party there at a certain time. That location is nice for a 30th birthday since its pretty chic and an older crowd but not stuffy at all.

        You might want to give a call over to The Reef since they have multiple levels. Maybe you can rent out one area of the bar.

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          I have some experience planning events in DC, and you should be aware that a lot of bars will ask you (depending on how many people you have), for a security deposit as well as a bar minimum (guaranteed money they will make at the bar), if the party is going to be private. Most do this to offset the cost of losing regular costumers because of the private event on busy nights (ie thursday friday and saturday). The reef would be an excellent spot IMO, but be prepared to put some money down if you want to rent out space.