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Aug 27, 2007 11:58 AM

Best sommelier in the city?

Just curious if anyone out there had any opinions on this...

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  1. There are so many great ones. In no particular order:
    Paul Grieco- Hearth and Insieme
    James Hamilton- L'Impero
    Richard Luftig-Cookshop
    Carmine- Celeste
    Juliette Pope- Gramercy Tavern
    That's just my top five, and I havent even mentioned my favorite wine stores!

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    1. re: sharonm

      What are your favorite wine stores? I need some very special (and somewhat specific) wines for a wedding present next weekend. We are in Hell's Kitchen, but will travel if better for knowledge, selection or price.

      1. re: Lmo1823

        Sorry it's taken me so long to reply, I was away for labor day weekend. Hmmm a wedding gift. If you want to give Champagne, it's worth the trek to head up to Martin Brothers on Broadway and 108th. On the west side, I like Pour, Beacon Wines & Spirits, and Nancy Wine Co for wines off the beaten path. Every single wine at Vestry Wine shop in Tribeca is awesome. Definitely go there for anything from Champagne to an awesome selection of small California producers. While you're down in Tribeca, Chambers Street Wines has one of the best French selections in the city. I love to shop at Union Square Wines. They have fabulous tastings also. Italian wine? Italian Wine Merchants cant be beat. The list could get long. Astor Wines, De Vino, Tinto Fino for great Spanish wine, and let's not forget Crush Wine on 57th. And for far off the beaten track LeDu's wines on Washington Ave, great tastings! My weekend hobby is to discover wine stores. Actually it's a great thread to start! These are some great places in my opinion to shop for wines with staff that are wine geeks through and through! Good Luck! Let me know what you get!

        1. re: Lmo1823

          Sherry-Lehman has amazing selection, so does Morell's both on upper east side

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. John Regan - Eleven Madison Park
          Olivier Flosse - A Voce
          Colum Sheehan - Babbo
          Tim Kopec - Veritas
          Robert Bohr, Alex Miranda, and John Slover - Cru

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          1. re: livetotravel

            Regan (or is it Ragan?) is excellent.

          2. All fine examples above. I'd like to add Aaron von Rock at Telepan.

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            1. re: David W

              people seem to talk quite highly of the sommelier at wallse.

            2. aldo sohm at le bernerdin (he used to be at wallse) and tim kopec at veritas hands down, or should i say glasses up.

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              1. re: psp

                He left Wallse? I didn't realize that, though I've not been for a while. Makes me understand more about a poster's recent negative comment about the sommelier at Wallse, b/c I can't imagine Aldo being a problem.

                1. re: MMRuth

                  not only did aldo leave, but so did paul (who basically hung the kitchen together and now leading the bar stuzzichini charge), chris (who ran the room) and one of their best waiters (neil who's at blue hill). i'm sure others have followed. maybe a melt down.

                  1. re: psp

                    I think Aldo is wonderful (my sister and I took a Riesling class with him last year at Macy's DeGustibus). I guess I'll have to try Le Bernardin again.