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Aug 27, 2007 11:38 AM

Ice Pan - Costa Mesa

After reading Elmo's blog, I went down to try the Ice Pan at Costa Mesa. Poor location with out any external signage.

The making of the ice cream is definetly interesting - equivalent to a Benihana show. However, after trying the mango, green tea and strawberry - we decided it was only ok.

I can believe they are trying to launch 3 sites at once. It may flop.

Anybody, with a more positive experience?

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  1. one is opening up in west hollywood gateway (target center at la brea and santa monica in w hollywood). i actually attended a product demonstration and though i entered it very skeptically, i was impressed the ice cream. i haven't been to an open retail location though so i can't speak to the overall experience yet.

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    1. re: LAcupcake

      Any idea when that branch is opening? We've been waiting!

      1. re: ITurnedOutTV

        from what i was told it will be end of sept/early oct