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Aug 27, 2007 11:17 AM

Feasting on Asphalt - Donut Episode

How great is this show? The city of Alton stuff was a little redundant but the roadhouse part and the exploration of all the donut shops was priceless. Ive never seen an episode of anything make me hungrier, literally.

This episode, with the second half spent on primarily donuts, was phenomenal. Im not sure if I am the only one that finds this show insanely entertaining but Alton Brown has made this season even better than last. Much better.

I look forward to the season where they hopefully to a tour up the east coast, I think it would be fun to see.

Id be completely content with my DVR recordings of this show, good eats, and americas test kitchen.

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  1. Help my failing brain - what was the name of the roadhouse with the $0.99 cheeseburgers and the chicken wings on a stick? I'm ready for a roadtrip...

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    1. re: newfie29

      I think it was Fast Eddies, unless Im getting 2 different things confused.

      Was this episode the one with Maid-Rite also? For some reason, those looked completely delicious. Still couldnt get past those donuts though.

      1. re: yankeefan

        I can't figure out why Krispy Kreme has succeeded here when we have so many fabulous local donut spots! Donut Drive-in is amazing!

        1. re: lrstl

          Really? We picked some up for breakfast this morning. I wasn't blown away...

          1. re: Pylon

            You don't think they are way better than Krispy Kreme? I really like them. They have a large selection and are freshly made daily. They advertise great coffee though and I think it stinks.

            1. re: lrstl

              Yeah, the coffee wasn't great either.

              I thought the frosting was WAY to sweet. I had to stop eating it and have a piece of toast to balance my system. I'm not a big fan of KK either, though. We usually go to Federhoffer's for baked goods.

      2. re: newfie29

        Fast Eddie's Bon Air in Alton, IL no one under 21 allowed- no exceptions.

      3. I am a fan too but Alton seems trying to be funny just a little too hard this time.
        It seems forced somehow. He also seems to be attempting physical humor in a Chevy Chase/Dick Van Dyke style... I don't need to see him fall to the ground or flop on couches, he is entertaining enough in his own cerebral way.

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        1. re: Tee

          I agree with you. So much time is spent on them being silly and it's just that...silly. I grew bored and changed the channel. I have to say that Good Eats is also growing a bit old. They need to update the idea.

          1. re: eternalX

            I thought the milk vs coffee thing with the kid was charming as hell.

            1. re: bubbles4me

              But what about the whole thing with the "secret" ingredient to the pasta. Talk about stretching out an already poor joke way too far. I think he spent like 5 minutes on that piece for some backyard spaghetti which didn't even look that great...

              1. re: eternalX

                ditto. And I'm sure having a flailing customer rolling around on the ground in front of her food stand is what every cook hopes will bring in customers.

            2. re: eternalX

              Yeah, ever since watching the behind the scenes special the food network did on Good Eats where I found it painfully obvious that his staff was annoyed by him, I just can't watch without noticing their reactions to his attempts at humor.

              The whole food-science thing was a GREAT concept initially...just stretched a bit too thin maybe.

              As for Feasting on Asphalt...I can't help but wonder how their constitutions make it through a trip like that.

              1. re: creativeusername

                Made me wonder what they do for their wrap party, like a Pepto Bismol Punch bowl and canapes made of Maalox tablets.

                Do you think they make some of them run behind the hogs between takes, just to give them some exercise?

                1. re: Phaedrus

                  Hogs? Do they have pigs running around somewhere on this show?

                  Oh... you don't mean those Bimmers: state of the art BMW R1200GS's.

                  About as related to hogs as kobe beef is to a ball park frank.

                  On his site, AB does mention gaining weight from this show - he says he's off to the treadmill...


                  1. re: applehome

                    Hogs? You'd be insulting HD and BMW riders. btw, Bimmers are cars and Beemers are bikes. I have no idea why, just is. I assumed after his get off on the RT last season, Alton switched over to something more versatile in case he happens upon a dirt road again.

                    I did like the donut sub-theme and hope he does a New England series and another one just like it there.