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Aug 27, 2007 11:14 AM

Tons of Green Beans

Bought green beans at the market and farmer gave me even more - so, I'm just one person, with tons of green beans.

Ideally, I'd like as few as possible to go to waste.

So what should I do with them?

I was going to stir fry them tonight with whatever I have around, but other ideas would be awesome. I am a moderately experienced cook, so gimme your best!

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  1. How about Penang? It's a spicy Thai dish with red curry coconut sauce and peanuts. You can add any protein you want; chicken, beef, shrimp.
    You can also partly cook them then freeze them.
    They are great as a cold salad too. Blanch in boiling water for 2-3 minutes then shock in ice water.
    They are fantastic pickled too. I love to crunch on them with a nice glass of white wine:-)

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    1. re: monavano

      Pickled are great. Make them spicy too.

      1. re: itryalot

        Agreed, spicy green beans are awesome in a bloody mary instead of celery and even great by themselves.

        1. re: Dax

          how does one do that?
          i've never pickled, but dont you need jars and sterile stuff? I've not got that...

          1. re: Jeserf

            I think you only need jars if you plan on pickling and sealing multiple jars to keep.

    2. I blanch mine to store in the freezer for future use! Also green bean salad is wonderful. The salad can be dressed with a french dressing (OO and onion/garlic). Dill and bacon also compliment green beans extremely well. Cook them until JUT tender and still have just a little crunch.

      1. All the above are great recommendations, especially the curry. I LOVE green beans with red curry paste. You can also use them for a simple salade ni├žoise, fermented black bean stir fry, casserole or follow my personal recipe for a saute in olive oil with garlic, hazelnuts, and lemon rind.

        1. green beans wok nicely, work well in soup, add crunch to green salads.
          but my fav use of late is:
          a unique combo.

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            I imagine the sweet pears with the salty bacon tastes great. I'm going to try this.

          2. Roasted. They are addictive. I'm having a plate for lunch right now. Toss with salt, pepper and olive oil. Spread on large sheet pan and place in very hot oven until done to your taste. I like some brown bits. This uses alot of beans since they wilt down.

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              Yes. When I make green beans this way, my family literally eats twice as many as when I cook them any other way-- and I think they would eat three times as many if I cooked them. Incredibly delicious, just incredible. Add a little (or a lot) of chopped garlic too if you want.

              And while I'm writing, my second suggestion is lightly blanched in a salad with potatoes and tomatoes and onion and a vinagrette. Add hard boiled eggs and it's a meal. Stupendously delicious.