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Aug 27, 2007 10:59 AM

Fun Sushi between Delancey and 14th.

An old friend of mine is coming into town this weekend and wants to experience "NY sushi"-- whatever that may be. While I have places that I love (Aki on W. 4th, some place I fell upon on 7th ave, etc), I want to take her and her brothers to a place that's particularly "FUN", ideally in the LES, E Vill, Nolita or W. Village. Price needs to be reasonable, seeing as they're out of towners already incurring a lot of expenses. Please help!

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  1. Do you mean trendy when you say fun? Like super chic atmosphere? I'm guessing that would be something along the lines of Haru or Sushi Samba (more "fun" than good food substance).

    For good sushi: Kanoyama, Esashi and I hear that 15 East is supposed to be fantastic.

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        Is that the BYOB place in the LES? That could be perfect! Is the sushi any good?!

        1. re: SupperClub

          That's the one. Sushi is good. The place is packed and loud, and they really pack you in there, but definitely a fun/festive vibe. They take reservations too.

      2. I'm not looking for trendy at all-- just a place with a good atmosphere (and good sushi) that's not too expensive.

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          I second Leah Baila's recommendation of Esashi. Pleasant enough decor, not much of a scene, but wonderful sushi, especially considering the modest prices. Good jazz (Charlie Parker, Coltrane, Max Roach) is often on the sound system. I've eaten here 2-4 times a month for the last 4 years, and never a disappointment yet.