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Aug 27, 2007 10:49 AM

Toaster Ovens

I need a toaster oven. The kind where you open the door and slide your food onto a mini rack or sheet. What to look for? Which features are must have? Which brands are the best bang for your buck? It doesn't have to be fancy WS or LST stuff...just Target or Walmart is fine!


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  1. Well, I just bought an Oster, I think, at Target, 6 slice with convection, the convection oven works well, better than my old B&D under cabinet mount toaster oven. However, it is very slow and not very good at toasting bread. So, I think if you want a toaster, get a 4 slice toaster oven, recently heard praise here about the Panasonic Quartz toaster oven. If you want an oven, the Oster is fine, nice controls, good timer.

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      I have a bread toaster...I want an oven/toaster (mini oven appliance) that sits on the counter. I want it do things like toast up and melt cheese on sandwiches, quick mini meals when I dont want to fire up the in AZ with temps hovering around 110F ....