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Aug 27, 2007 10:44 AM

Good pizza in Huntington Beach area?

Haven't found a decent pizza (thin or thick crust) in the Huntington Beach area and would appreciate recs. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hey SoCal
    I live in Boston but have some friends in Huntington Beach and I gotta tell ya, I haven't found decent pizza anywhere while I'm there. There was an ok place down in Seal Beach. It's amazing to me the difference between West Coast and East Coast pizza. Sorry to bring you down :(

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    1. re: BaileysMom521

      You're not gonna believe this rec..

      On Brookhurst, past talbert, I think before ellis? strip mall across the street from Washington Mutual. two bros pizza. frequented by ALOT of fvhs kids. 2 korean owners. 3.25 lunch special (last time I checked). I dig. Granted, haven't been there since I've tried the LA pizza places, but last time I was there it was great.

    2. Try Lino's, at Edwards and Edinger. Not as good as it used to be, but still better than the rest. They offer your choice of thick, regular, or thin crust. Better than the rest is Slice of New York, on Main Street in Old Town Seal Beach. By the slice or by the pie.

      1. AL's NY Pizza Cafe in Newport Beach (Tustin Ave/17th St. next to the 7-11) serves up authentic NYC-style slices that are fabulous. The problem is that it's a very small place and not really suitable for dining-in since it only has a few small tables. A visit here with their NY-transplant cooks is like stepping into a Manhatten pizza joint---even though the Pacific ocean is a short distance away...

        1. Al's NY Pizza on 17th Street in Newport Beach is very good and so is a Slice of New York on Main Street in Seal Beach.
          I lived in NYC for 25 years (here for 10) and have searched for the same taste and these two fit the bill!

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          1. re: Charis

            Try Z Pizza. It's really good.

          2. I have a couple of favorites locally.

            Gina's Pizza at Harbor & Adams (Vons Center) is very good as is Haus of Pizza (Paul Mitchell Plaza). I have also been addicted to the "Perfect Paradise" pizza from Players Bar and Grill at 19th and Harbor (NW Corner).