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Aug 27, 2007 10:39 AM

Marylebone tube stop area

I will be working and staying very close to the Marylebone tube stop and in search of good London food that I cannot easily get in NYC (i.e. fish & chips, bangers & mash, Indian...).

If there is something else that I should try, by all means, I am open to suggestions.

Unfortunately I will not be able to venture far from this area.


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  1. Golden Hind for fish & chips, off of Marylebone High Street.

    Providores on Marylebone High Street (perhaps not what you're looking for...but a good place to eat/drink alone if that's what youv'e got to do. focused new zealand wine list)

    Ishtar for Turkish on Crawford Street. Nice place, nice people, nice food.

    1. There have been some recently replies to questions on this locality. Search for Marylebone. Kristain, apparently another expert in this area such as myself, replied helpful there as here. Providores is very good, truly original food. Though at last you can get good good South Indian in NY (Saravanas Bhavan, Lex and 26th, East side of Lex, not to be mistaken with a similarly named place up the road), Woodlands does well under the value for money category (Marylebone Lane). Since you did not mention that money was a constraint (for most people it is a big issue in London) you might try splashing out on Orrery almost at the top of Marylebone High Street, with a Michelin Star shining on its shied. Two good local chains: Ping Pong (closer to the tube stop) and Busaba Eathai. It's down near Selfridges, so probably a 12 minute walk from the Baker Street Tube stop and Marylebone High Street. Excellent Thai, which is better than most I've tasted in NYC.

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        Marylebone Station is NOT near Marylebone Hight Street, it is closer to Baker Street.

        The Landmark Hotel is opposite the entrance to the station and has a coffee shop.

        Sea Shell for Fish and chips in Lisson Grove is close. Quite a few pubs close by. Not much else.

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          You're right. I should have told ultbil to take a taxi. Wouldn't want him/her to stress himself out before a delicious meal! Plus, any taxi driver would definitely take that fare.

          Dude, in all seriousness, it's like a 10 minute walk, tops, particularly if you hop down Baker Street and over on to Paddington.

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          "Excellent Thai, which is better than most I've tasted in NYC."

          bb - forget the thai in manhattan. next time you are around, go to sriprarpha in queens. its the stuff of legends, unbelievable.

          theres NOTHING in london that comes even close.

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            Brilliant suggestion, thanks, and timely too. I'm going to be in Queens Saturday and Sunday to catch some of the US Open and to meet the aged P whilst he changes planes. Will report back! BB

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              you might also want to check out indian oasis in queens for good indian chinese - remember manchurian gobi?

              also does "and to meet the aged P whilst he changes planes." mean that your dads buying a new turbo prop?!

              1. re: howler

                Indeed! Perhaps I'll get the old one?! I used to find it vaguely, jet-settedly exciting to meet friends and relatives at airports, where we converge from different locations before jetting off in different directions. Now, vaguely sad. But on the plus side, all of these excellent tips for Queens. Thanks. BB (Indeed, Indian Chinese food is a concept that only we seem to understand, though I'm not sure why, since it is a fantastic fusion.)

        3. Definitely within easy walking distant of Marylebone is the mainly Lebanese, but also Syrian and Iranian section of Edgware Road and its side streets.

          Many a time have I floated down that fragrant river and enjoyed my share of grilled meats, Lebanese meze, pastries etc. In the evening, the air is delicious with the smoke of many bbqs.

          In one of the back streets. I believe that it is here

          is a superb Lebanese deli, making very respectable ice cream on the premises.

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            you don't mean green valley, do you? thats on upper berkely street.

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              Thanks! That's exactly where I mean. The streets in that area continue to mystify me! I believe that I discovered it via an old posting of yours H, so thanks again.