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Aug 27, 2007 10:23 AM

Cheap near Brookhaven? (Dallas)

I'm looking for cheap food of any variety near Brookhaven (March/Valley View). Coffeehouses or other places to plop down for large periods of time are also a plus. I know there are lots of restaurants within minutes of here, so I expect great responses.

Oh, and if it must be said, taste is a must. I'd rather eat saltines than pay for a bland meal.

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  1. Well you could run over to Josey which is not far, lots of Mexican for not much money.

    1. Try Thai-riffic at Webb chapel and Forest. Get the stuffed wings. Its BYOB if you are intersted.
      Casa Navarro for Mexican is pretty good and fairly inexpensive. (Marsh/Forrest)
      There is a Salvadoran place that I can't remeber the name of at the moment that is just south of Belt Line on Webb Chapel.