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Aug 27, 2007 10:19 AM

Ninja Tonight

Taking my friend to Ninja for a surprise dinner tonight. It was a last minute decision. A good one?

I've heard its overpriced for the food, but is it worth it for the ambiance?

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  1. The restaurant is supposed to be awful in every way.

      1. re: danoots

        Absolutely can find another place. Somewhere with a good fun presentation. And she doesnt want Italian.

        Thanks guys!

      2. Frank Bruni's classic, devastating review is required reading before any trip to Ninja.

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        1. re: Desidero

          I went thinking that it would be not-so-good food, but still a decent presentation and fun ambiance. It was NONE of that. The steak tasked like something that you would get at sizzlers. The thinest piece of steak with grill something that tasted like cream of mushroom soup on the top. Thats just to one example.

          Have you ever had hushpuppies at Long John Silvers? That was similar to their variation of a crab cake.

          I am sorry chowhound people! I will never defy you again.